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Russia Stone Machinery Exhibition 2023: new technologies and trends in the stone industry

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2023-06-28

Stone Machinery Russia 2023 opened its doors on 27 June. This is a grand event focusing on the latest products as well as technologies and techniques of the global stone machinery industry, and is an important platform for exchange and communication in the stone machinery industry.
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The main focus of the exhibition will be on the design and manufacture of stone machinery and its related technologies and services. The exhibition area will reach 15,000 square metres and feature nearly 10,800 exhibitors from more than 300 countries worldwide, including many well-known manufacturers and suppliers. The range of exhibits covers all different types of stone processing equipment, from stone cutting machines to stone profiling machines and stone carving machines, to meet the needs of customers from different industries and of different sizes. In addition, the exhibition will also showcase a range of innovative technologies and techniques, such as CNC lathes, intelligent production and ancillary equipment.
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Moscow, Russia stone exhibition stone industry promote the development of the stone industry, cooperation and trade in the field of stone, and promote the latest stone mining, processing technology and machinery, equipment and tools. It is the most important channel for global stone producers and trading companies to develop partners and sell stone products in Russia.
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The exhibition will gather the elite of the global stone machinery industry. The professional exhibition organisation and perfect service system will provide participants with the best quality exhibition and communication platform. We are looking forward to the participation of enterprises and professionals from the global stone machinery industry to share the industry and business opportunities together.

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