Stone Edge Grinding Machine

DAFON is a manufacturer of Granite Stone edge grinding machine for granitewith design, manufacture, and trading as one.
Price: $11500-$16500
Brand Name: DAFON
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: DFMB-11641
Power: 40KW
Weight: 3200KG
Application: Stone Industry
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Delivery Time:90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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granite edge polishing machines

The Introduction of stone edge grinding machine

The grinding wheel of this machine uses a water grinding disc and is equipped with a snail buckle joint. The motor can be electrically adjusted to move back and forth and lift. It can grind the right-angled bottom edge, thickened straight edge and straight bottom edge of 45" of various flat stones according to different sizes and thicknesses of the stone. Chamfering, straight edge forming, Begonia corner back (the first 300-350mm piece can be configured for back cutting, back cutting and side polishing can be completed at one time), grinding, rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing processes can be completed at one time. The brightness after processing is higher than the brightness of the board surface. It has an advanced and reasonable structure, high precision, fast efficiency, easy operation and simple maintenance. The feed speed and processing amount can be adjusted during the grinding process. The maximum processing is 5m/min, which is equivalent to normal use of the machine. The workload of normal stone processing is 15 people, and the process defects caused by workers during processing are eliminated.

granite edge polishing machines

granite edge polishing machines

How to choose a stone edge grinding machine?

When choosing a stone edge grinding machine, there are a few factors to consider, including:

The stone material:

the stone grinding machine can grind marble, granite,  quartz, etc

The desired edge profile:

The stone edge grinding machine can grind 48 styles, please check the style image

The thickness of the stone

can grind between 10 mm with a 50mm depth of stone

The size of your project undertaken

If the processing quantity is large, the delivery period is short, and the time is urgent, you need a stone edge grinding machine, On the contrary, it is not necessary

Product Standard

high standard of automatic stone edge grinding machine; Lower standard of manual stone grinding machine

Your budget

Our stone edge grinding machines are equipped with different numbers of grinding heads, and prices range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.


Dafon Machinery, based in Shuitou, the major stone production hub in China, spans a state-of-the-art facility covering 10,000 square metres, cementing our stature as a leading manufacturer specialising in machinery for natural stone production lines.

At the very heart of Dafon Machinery lies a dedicated team of seasoned engineers. With the capacity to execute turnkey projects globally, we pride ourselves on understanding the requirements of clients who consider stone production as their lifelong venture. We resonate deeply with clients who regard stone production as not merely a business, but a lifelong passion and commitment. Therefore, we place immense emphasis on brand management, technical innovation, and research & development. Our passion is to blend these elements seamlessly, thus producing the most reliable stone processing machinery crafted in China.

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Side Curve Modeling Processing

Side Curve Modeling Processing

Side chamfering, Grinding of various flat stone edges to suit the size and thickness of the stone.

Quality Electric control box

Quality Electric control box

Quality electrics used to ensure stable performance.

Side Polishing

Side Polishing

Various shaped edges, rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing in one process.

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What Shapes Can the Stone Edge Grinding Machine Cut

1. What Shapes Can the Stone Edge Grinding Machine Cut

Grinding is a stone processing technology that grinds one or several edges of the stone into a geometric shape. Stone processing common grinding edge: chess edge, French chess edge, French edge, large round edge, 1/4 round edge, double knuckle edge, begonias edge, concave round edge (crescent e
Related Applications Our safe and stable stone machine are widely applied in the field of stone processing.

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   Outstanding Precision and Efficiency in Edge Grinding

Mr. Samir  2024-06-12

The marble edge grinding machine is an exceptional piece of equipment. Its precision in shaping and polishing marble edges is unparalleled, ensuring a flawless finish every time.
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