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Purchasing stone machinery equipment is an important investment. In addition to factors such as the performance and price of the machine itself, the supplier's after-sales service capabilities are also a crucial consideration. High-quality after-sales service can protect users' production operations and reduce users' worries.


Evaluation Criteria

  • The following are some criteria for evaluating a suppliers after-sales service capabilities:
  • Is there a professional after-sales service team? The professional team has rich experience and technology and can quickly and effectively solve the problems encountered by users.
  • How is the after-sales service response speed? The faster the response, the less user downtime and the smaller the loss.
  • What after-sales services are provided? Including warranty coverage, maintenance services, technical support, spare parts supply, etc.
  • How is the service attitude of the after-sales service staff? A good service attitude can improve user satisfaction.

DAFONs After-sales Service Advantages

Dafon Stone Machinery is committed to providing customers with high-quality stone processing solutions and implements a full-service concept of pre-sales, sales and after-sales, allowing you to purchase and use with confidence.


Pre-sale Service:


  • In-depth understanding of Dafon: Introducing the stone cutting equipment and product advantages developed and manufactured by Dafon to help you understand Dafon in an all-round way.
  • Tailor-made solutions: Based on your unique needs and vision, we will tailor the best factory layout and production solutions for you to help you achieve efficient production.
  • One-stop service: Provides a full range of products and services such as stone machinery, spare parts, tools, etc. to meet all your factory construction needs.


Sales Service:

  • Full control of progress: Track order production progress in real time, report to you in a timely manner, and supervise and coordinate the production department to produce as planned to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Strict quality inspection and on-time delivery: Strictly control product quality, test machines and inspect shipments, and establish a complete logistics system to ensure that products are delivered to you on time, with guaranteed quality and quantity.



After-sales Service:

  • Professional installation guidance: If customers have needs, experienced installation masters can be arranged to provide installation guidance on site to ensure that the machine is installed in place and debugged successfully.
  • On-site training services: Provide professional on-site training services to guide customers in standard operation and use of machines to ensure efficient operation of machines.
  • Regular maintenance reminders: Provide detailed machine maintenance manuals and regularly remind customers to perform maintenance to extend the service life of the machine.
  • Quick warranty service: During the warranty period, if a malfunction occurs due to machine quality problems, we will respond as soon as possible and replace the warranty parts free of charge.
  • Remote fault diagnosis: Outside the warranty period, online remote assistance services are provided to quickly diagnose and solve machine faults, minimizing your downtime losses.
  • 24-hour technical support: We provide you with technical consulting services 24 hours, answer your questions at any time, and help you solve any problems during use.
  • Professional after-sales team: We have a dedicated after-sales team to accept and handle customer complaints about product quality and service quality, and provide you with a high-quality after-sales service experience.



All in all, when purchasing stone machinery, users should comprehensively consider the performance of the machine itself and the supplier's after-sales service capabilities, and choose the products and services that best suit them.

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