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Moscow to Host the Biggest Stone Fair in 2023: Russia Moscow Stone Fair

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2023-06-12

Moscow Stone Fair 2023 will be held in the near future. This large-scale event brings together industry experts, leading companies and manufacturers from all over the world, providing an important communication and cooperation platform for the industry.

It is reported that the Moscow Stone Fair 2023 will last for four days, from June 27 to 29, 2023. At that time, there will be stone owners, architects, designers, stone processors, exporters, warehousing and transportation, stone retail companies and other professionals from more than 30 countries and regions around the world to attend this important industry event.

The exhibition will showcase various types of stone products, stone processing equipment as well as production tools and chemicals. At the same time, the exhibition will also cover many fields such as architecture, interior design, construction, refractory materials, environmental protection, decoration, stone return and training, so that exhibitors and visitors can have an in-depth understanding of the current development of the stone industry and the latest technology trend.

Moscow Stone Fair 2023 will surely become a grand event in the global stone industry, creating an open platform for communication, cooperation, display and sales for enterprises and individuals in this field, and also making positive contributions to promoting the development of the global stone industry contribute.

Dafon Machinery is also participating in this exhibition, if you want to visit our exhibition, please inform us in advance, we will arrange a time for reception, and introduce our machinery to you in detail
The following is our booth information number:

Title: Russia Moscow Stone Fair 2023
Booth No.2D54
Time: 2023.6.27-29

Location: Russia Moscow Exhibition Center

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