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23rd Xiamen Stone Fair : Dafon Machinery and customers jointly start the business opportunities journey

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2023-06-08

Dafon Machinery as a machinery exhibitor at Xiamen Stone Fair in 2023, our participation process went very smoothly, and we also gained a lot from customer exchanges.
stone cutting machine
Before participating in the exhibition, we conducted in-depth research and market analysis on market demand to understand the characteristics of this stone exhibition in Xiamen and the concerns of customers. We have done a good job in promoting the exhibition and inviting customers in advance, and at the same time we are preparing for the exhibits, especially upgrading several mechanical equipment, including buckles: kerbstone cutting machine, bridge saw machine, stone chamfering machine, and stone profiling machine, and professionally researched booth layout and machine placement Design in order to attract more attention and customers.
stone cutting machine
At the exhibition site of the stone exhibition, we provided customers with good booth design and display effects, so that our booth received the attention and praise of many customers. At the same time, we have also prepared professional and targeted corresponding stone machinery materials and introductions, so that customers can have a more comprehensive understanding of our products and services.
stone cutting machine
During the exhibition, Dafon Machinery actively displayed our machinery and equipment, not only carousel machine use video, but also specially designed product brochures, detailed parameters and cutting results display. Especially the new upgraded machinery and equipment, so that customers can Actual operation to better understand the effects and advantages of our equipment, and then generate interest and trust in our products. We can also learn from customers' feedback on their opinions and suggestions on our products and services, which provides us with important directions for improvement and optimization.
stone cutting machine

In addition to the exchanges in the exhibition hall, we also actively participate in interviews in the machinery industry, express our views and experience in the field of machinery and equipment, and provide customers with better services and consulting support. In addition, we also let more people know about our brand and products through the advertisements and media reports of the exhibition, which improved our brand awareness and reputation.

stone cutting machine

Overall, as a machinery exhibitor, Dafon Machinery have achieved satisfactory results at Xiamen Stone Fair 2023. The exchanges and communication with many domestic and foreign customers not only make our products more in line with market demand, but also allow us to better understand customer feedback and expectations, which will be an important foundation for our future development. We look forward to continuing to demonstrate our innovative ability and professional technology in future stone exhibitions to provide customers with better product and service support.
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