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DAFON Machinery at the Moscow Stone Exhibition in Russia

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2024-06-28

STONE INDUSTRY Russia Stone Fair (formerly known as EXPOSTONE) is a well-known professional exhibition in the emerging stone market - Russian stone industry. It has been held for 20 sessions so far. It is the largest and most professional international exhibition of natural stone quarrying, processing and application in Eastern Europe. It aims to provide a good platform for communication and negotiation for stone industry professionals in Russia, CIS countries, Eastern Europe and the world, promote the development of the stone industry, and carry out cooperation and trade in the field of stone.

The Russian Stone Fair will display stone blocks and slabs, stone products, stone processing machinery, equipment and tools, stone care chemicals, etc.


From June 25 to 27, 2024, the Moscow Stone Exhibition STONE INDUSTRY was grandly opened at the Crocus International Exhibition Center in Moscow. As one of the exhibitors, DAFON Machinery made a wonderful appearance with the most advanced stone processing equipment and processing technology, attracting buyers and industry insiders from all over the world to stop and visit.

kerbstone cutting machine

DAFON Machinery exhibited eight series of products including:

1. Intelligent Processing Line for Kerbstone

2. CNC Stone Bridge Saw Machine

3. Stone Polishing Machine Line

4. Stone Edge Grinding Machine Line

5. Stone Surface Fabrication Machine--like:Stone Engraving Machine and Stone Profiling Machine

6. Stone Splitting Machine

7. Quarry mining Equipment

8. Diamond Tool Accessories

stone bridge saw machine

With many years of experience in stone machinery manufacturing, DAFON Machinery provides customers with high-quality equipment, advanced technology and professional services, and has won unanimous recognition from the industry at the Moscow Stone Fair in Russia.

During the exhibition, the DAFON team warmly received buyers from all over the world, introduced products and technologies in detail, and discussed cooperation plans in depth. The exhibition was a complete success, and DAFON Machinery gained a large number of potential customers and cooperation intentions, further enhancing its brand awareness and influence.

stone polishing grinding machine

DAFON Machinery will continue to be committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services and contributing to the development of the stone machinery industry

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