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Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2024-03-19


The Xiamen stone fair is currently underway, and the DAFON Machinery Machinery Exhibition has welcomed waves of industry experts, merchants, and visitors to participate and negotiate, making the scene full of enthusiasm and vitality. Let us look forward to more wonderful exhibitions and exchanges, and contribute to the development of Chinese enterprises!

 xiamen stone fair

Exhibitions provide a platform for various industries to communicate and collaborate, allowing more companies and professionals to understand and cooperate. DAFON Machinery Machinery participated in the Machinery Tools and Maintenance New Product Release Conference organized by the host, and our representative gave a speech on stage, sharing DAFON Machinery's independently developed and manufactured auto kerbstone cutting machine line, 5-axis bridge cutter, and stone profiling machine. DAFON Machinery Machinery can provide customized services for customers, not just stone processing equipment, but also a complete set of intelligent processing solutions, making stone processing simpler and more intelligent.

 kerbstone cutting machine line

This speech will showcase DAFON  Machinery's latest technology, products, and services. It will not only enhance the company's visibility and brand image but also play a positive role in promoting the development and progress of the industry.


Speakers at recent stone processing exhibitions have emphasized the importance of intelligent and sustainable development. Attention to intelligent scientific development is increasing, and high efficiency and ecological development are becoming inevitable. DAFON Machinery Machinery applies digital technology to stone processing companies to help them carry out the integrated design of production lines, digital transformation, and intelligent transformation to achieve high-quality development.

 5 axis bridge cutter

The salespeople at DAFON’s booth perform their duties. all the work in order, there are special reception of customers, responsible for answering questions about the company, products, after-sales service, etc.; some are responsible for designing customized stone processing solutions for customers on the spot; some personnel is responsible for taking pictures of customers, collecting exhibition-related materials.


Businessmen from all over the world and industry experts gathered together to discuss the future development of the stone industry. They exchanged experiences, shared culture, witnessed the results of the industry, and laid a solid foundation for deepening international cooperation.

 dafon machinery

Xiamen Stone Fair shows the industry's vigorous development trend, energetic and charming, exciting. This exhibition has injected new momentum into the industry, making us more confident that the prospects will be even better. The exhibition will continue to showcase a variety of exciting products and technologies, so let's look forward to more surprises and innovations that will contribute to the prosperity of the industry. Let's work together to create a better future for the stone industry

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