Stone Edge Chamfering Machine in Belgium

There was a construction company in Belgium that was struggling with the efficiency of its stone edge chamfering process. The workers had been using manual tools to create the desired bevels, but the work was slow, arduous, and time-consuming which often caused delays in their delivery times. As a company that prided itself on its ability to deliver high-quality products quickly, they were in dire need of a solution to improve its efficiency and speed up its production process.

One day, one of their Procurement Managers decided to do some research on the internet to see if they could find a better method of edge chamfering. After searching on Google, they stumbled upon a stone chamfering machine that was specifically designed to create bevels on road curbs and granite edges. The company quickly contacted The Dafon Machinery manufacturer and began discussions on how the machine could be implemented within their production process.

Our salesman introduces the functions and parameters of the machine to the customer in detail and sends photos and working videos of the machine. our edge chamfering machine was the perfect solution to their problem. The machine was capable of chamfering even the toughest stones and granite edges quickly and efficiently, leaving a smooth, polished surface behind.  

Through repeated communication, the customer accepts our offer, immediately after the signing of the contract to arrange the deposit, and urges us to immediately arrange production to the fastest possible speed for delivery, we also work overtime production to meet the customer's requirements! 

With the machine in place, the workers were able to accomplish their work in a fraction of the time it would have taken with manual tools. This led to improved efficiency, faster delivery times, and ultimately, increased profits for the company.

In conclusion, the construction company in Belgium was thrilled with its decision to invest in a stone beveling machine. The increased efficiency and speed in production allowed them to provide their clients with top-quality products in a timely manner and ultimately helped them to grow their business. The machine proved to be a valuable investment that was well worth the cost. If your construction company is struggling with manual chamfering, consider investing in a stone chamfering machine to improve your production process today!
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