What Do You Use Marble Stone Polishing Machine For

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why does the marble slab need polishing?

After the stone blocks are processed into rough boards or special-shaped products, their surfaces must be treated. There are various methods of stone surface treatment, such as polishing, matte polishing, imitation stone brushing, fire burning, water washing, etc. The most commonly used method is polishing.


Type of marble grinding and polishing machine

There are many types of stone grinding and polishing machines. There are polished flat panels, curved panels, lines, special-shaped edges, etc. The grinding and polishing flatbed machines are divided into different types according to their different mechanical structures: multi-head continuous automatic grinding machines, hand-operated grinding machines, and bridge-type double-head grinding machines. Multi-head continuous automatic grinding and polishing grinders are divided into 20-head, 16-head, and 12-head automatic grinding and polishing machines according to the number of installed grinding heads.

 marble stone polishing machine

The Production Process of Polishing

Due to the different types of stone products, the polishing processes are also quite different.

The grinding and polishing process of a flat plate: The grinding and polishing process of an automatic continuous grinder: check the condition of the material - glue repair - inspection before starting - loading the plate - trimming - start each grinding head in sequence - observe the grinding and polishing situation - adjust the grinding parameters - Drying-waxing, cleaning-inspection-unloading-packaging

 marble stone polishing machine

Advantages of Marble Stone Polishing Machine

Good grinding consistency; high efficiency;

The polished lines have no waves, and the flatness and straightness of the surface are very good;

The product has good arc and high brightness;

Reduce the labor intensity of grinding and polishing operations;

Improve the working environment of grinding and polishing;

Suitable for assembly line production;

 marble stone polishing machine

Versatile Applications of Marble Stone Polishing Machine

Polishing and grinding marble countertops

Polishing and grinding marble statues and sculptures

Polishing and grinding marble monuments

Polishing and grinding other types of stone

Removing stains and scratches from marble surfaces

Leveling uneven marble surfaces

Preparing marble surfaces for sealing

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