Kerbstone double face polishing machine in Norway

A customer from Norway reached out to us to request a custom-made kerbstone double-face polishing machine. This customer had a specific need for polishing their granite kerbstones, which required a machine that could efficiently polish both faces of the stones.

The customer initially contacted us through our website and told us about their specific requirements. After assessing their needs and discussing details, we got to work on creating a custom solution for them.

Once the design was complete, we sent the customer a 3D render of the machine so they could get a visual representation of what they were going to receive. They were happy with the design and gave us the green light to begin fabrication.

The fabrication process was efficient, allowing us to keep to the agreed-upon timelines. We worked diligently to make sure that all the parts were manufactured to the exact specifications outlined in the design and tested for quality assurance.

After the manufacturing process was complete, we carefully packaged the kerbstone double-face polishing machine and arranged for its transportation to Norway. We made sure that everything was secure and that the stone polishing machine arrived safely and in excellent condition.

The customer was thrilled with the kerbstone double-face polishing machine. It was everything they had hoped for and more. With this machine, they could now efficiently and effectively polish their granite kerbstones with ease. It was a positive outcome that gave us great satisfaction and reinforced our reputation for building reliable and exceptional stone polishing machines.

In conclusion, this case illustrates the importance of fulfilling the specific needs of our clients and the benefits of custom-designed and fabricated machines. By going above and beyond to create a custom solution for this client, we were able to provide a high-quality stone polishing machine that met their unique needs and exceeded their expectations.

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