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As we all know, the design of stone processing plants is directly related to product quality, production efficiency, and safety. A perfect processing production plan can maximize the production efficiency and maximize the utilization rate of the machine, so as to realize the production efficiency, and must ensure safety in the production process. It is a wise decision to entrust professional matters to professional people. The following will show you an actual case of our service.
This customer invested in a stone processing factory and hoped for a complete production plan for processing lines. Before contacting us, he had inspected a lot of equipment and vendors. Need to provide assembly line processing solutions, unable to provide customized services and professional guidance for customers' later production, customers can only keep looking. By coincidence, the customer found us through our website, inspected our block cutting machine first, researched our information, asked us professional questions about the machine, inquired about the after-sales service of our machine, and then came to our factory in-person study. Give us more detailed requirements, combined with the needs of customers, we provide customized service solutions.

Assembly line production and processing scheme:
Divide the customer's factory into four areas, and make a customized design based on the combination of work efficiency and factory area:
Zone 1 and Zone 2: Block cutter: Segment processing of stone blocks to form stone slabs. Three block cutters meet the needs of customers' production efficiency and also meet the size of the customer's work area.
The third area: processing the previous process, length, and width of the stone slabs, specific processing, 6 bridge saws
Can maximize the production to meet the requirements of fast shipment
The fourth area: stone profiling machine is invested to meet the demand for heterosexual stone, stone flaming machine and stone polishing machine can carry out deep processing on the surface of the stone, and stone chamfering machine can chamfer the corners of processed stone

This design scheme meets the basic production needs of stone processing plants, from block processing to slate, and also meets the demand for refined stone processing. The design plan of a stone processing plant needs all-round and holistic consideration, including plant layout, equipment selection, and safety measures. We comprehensively balance these factors to ensure orderly and efficient production and a safe and hygienic working environment. We also give professional guidance and suggestions for later installation and machine debugging, as well as production. Customers are very satisfied with our solution and agree with our machine quality and after-sales service.

Finally, please allow me to make an introduction, dafon machine company is a professional stone building material machinery comprehensive service enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, and service. We can provide customers with professional and customized services and production guidance, and strive to build a well-known brand of intelligent machinery.

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