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Stone is a rich variety of different materials, stone, has different characteristics. This issue mainly introduces granite. Granite to quartz, feldspar and mica as the main components, of which the feldspar content of 40% to 60%, quartz content of 20% to 40%, the color depends on the type and amount of ingredients contained. Granite is formed by condensation below the earth's surface, and its hard texture makes it difficult to weather or corrode, making it an ideal material for the production of wall tiles and floor coverings. It is also highly resistant to abrasion due to its exceptional hardness. Therefore, the mining and processing process is difficult. A large number of granite cutting equipment with different models and functions are required for the mining process.

Granite cutting machines are a kind of mechanical equipment specialized in cutting granite and other hard stone. It usually uses diamond saw blades, powered by electric motors or hydraulic systems, to achieve efficient cutting of granite.


2.Types of Granite Cutting Machines

There are many types of Granite Cutting Machines, which can be divided into different types according to their power source, operation mode, cutting mode and application fields.

The following are the function points:


1.45 degree granite cutting machine

This machine is based on the basic infrared stone cutting machine, add a 45 degree cutting cutting function, the head can be tilted 45 degrees, the use of ultra-high precision rotary encoder and visual infrared laser centering device for workpiece positioning. The linear guide rail, high precision, good flexibility, chamfering slope will not appear the size of the head, is the best cutting equipment for cutting kitchen stovetops, desktop edges.

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Performance Features

Precise cutting angle: it can accurately cut 45 degree chamfer to meet the requirements of stone cornering and edging process.

High cutting precision: Equipped with high-precision guide rail and transmission system to ensure high cutting precision, straight and smooth cutting seam, no chipping.

Wide application: 45 degree granite stone cutting machine is widely used in stone processing, building decoration, cabinet countertops, stone artwork production and other fields, is an essential equipment for stone processing industry.


2.Multi-blade Granite cutting machine


This bridge cutting machine is improved and upgraded on the basis of infrared stone cutting machine, the upgraded spindle can hang 7 pieces of saw blades with diameter of 800mm at the same time, which can increase the cutting efficiency by 7 times.The worktable can be rotated by 90°, which is convenient for cutting. Heavier beams and stronger motors ensure stable and smooth cutting, which is mainly suitable for cutting paving stones, curbs, cobblestones and other stone materials.

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1. High output: 7 pieces of 800mm diameter saw blades can work at the same time, greatly increasing the output.

2. High cutting precision: Adopting microcomputer program control and infrared knife technology, it can realize high-precision cutting and ensure the quality and precision of products.

3. Good stability: Heavier beam and more powerful motor, as well as weighted table, ensure smooth and reliable cutting.


3.CNC Granite Cutting Machine

Bridge CNC Granite cutting machine is a kind of powerful stone processing equipment, on the basis of 3 axis stone cutter cutting function, it adds chamfering, turning holes, engraving and other functions, which is suitable for complex shapes of stone processing, such as: cabinet countertops, wash basins, stone curtain walls, floors, countertops and so on.

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Wide processing range: can process all kinds of shapes of stone, including flat, curved, shaped, etc.

High degree of automation: adopts CNC control system, easy and convenient to operate, only need to input the processing parameters to automatically complete the processing

High processing efficiency: CNC 5-axis stone cutting machine can carry out multi-axis linkage at the same time, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

3.How to choose the Right Granite Cutting Machine

Choosing the right granite cutting machine is critical to ensuring cutting efficiency and quality.

Here are some key factors to consider:


1. Capacity and Project Size.


Evaluate the amount of granite cutting required for your daily or project. If you need to cut large quantities, you will need to choose a high-volume cutter, such as a dafon multi-blade granite cutting machine. for smaller production runs or craft shops, a manual or semi-automatic cutter may be a more cost-effective and practical option.


2. Required cutting accuracy and complexity.


For general straight line cutting, most types of cutting machines can meet the requirements.

For curves or complex shapes, you will need to choose a machine with CNC control or multi-axis capabilities, such as a CNC stonecutting machine like: 4+1 axis bridge saw machine or 5 axis bridge saw.


3. Budget and available space.


Granite cutting machine has different functional role, the cost is also different, stone cutting equipment price varies greatly, from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You need to consider according to your needs. Evaluate the space available in the plant, you can consider choosing a cost-effective basic model, or consider used stone cutting equipment.


4. Material thickness and hardness.


Different cutting machines can handle different ranges of stone thickness and hardness. Thicker and harder granite may require a more powerful and rugged cutter. Confirm the maximum cutting thickness of the cutter and the type of stone recommended to ensure that the equipment you choose can handle your material.


5. After-sales service

Choose a reputable brand that can provide pre-sales consulting services, instant feedback on the production process of stone equipment during the sale, and installation services and maintenance service capabilities after the sale to ensure that you get quality after-sales service.


4.China's famous stone processing machine manufacturer

China is an important producer of stone processing equipment in the world, and there are many famous granite cutting machine manufacturers. The following are some of the companies (in no particular order) that enjoy a high reputation in China and globally:

Fujian Province Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Fujian Wanlong Diamond Tools Co., Ltd

Fujian Joborn Machinery Co., Ltd.

Fujian Xianda Machinery Co.,Ltd

Quanzhou Dafon Machinery Co., Ltd.

Fujian KAIDA Machinery Co.,Ltd

When choosing a manufacturer, in addition to brand awareness, you should also consider the performance of their products, price, after-sales service and other factors, and get as much information as possible from multiple sources to make an informed decision.

5.Why Choose DAFON to Customize Your Solutions

DAFON provides a full range of granite cutting machine fabrication services. Over nearly 10 years in the business, we’ve established consistency in stone cutting equipment production. We specialize in stone processing machine manufacturing.


Our cases include multi blade granite cutting machine, 45 degree granite cutting machine, autoclave boxes, and many more. CNC granite cutting machine and all our products conform to the strictest quality requirements, including CE and ISO standards. Our valued clients rely on our stringent quality assurance standards.


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