multi-blades stone bridge saw in Saudi Arabia

Country: Saudi Arabia

Type : multi-blades stone bridge saw

Client's Background:

The client's company is a large stone processing factory, mainly engaged in stone mining, processing, and sales. With the continuous development of its business, the factory has higher and higher requirements for stone processing efficiency and precision. The low efficiency and low cutting precision of traditional stone bridge cutters can't meet the demand of factories.

Client's Issue:

Recently the Saudi client company has received several orders for large-scale projects, requiring large quantities of high-quality stone cutting in a short period of time. This has put great pressure on the company's existing production equipment. And when using the traditional single blade stone bridge saw, the customer encountered the following problems:

Inefficient production: the single blade cutting speed is slow, can not quickly complete the task of large quantities of stone cutting, resulting in delayed project progress.

Insufficient cutting accuracy: traditional stone bridge saw is difficult to ensure the accuracy of cutting, affecting the quality and aesthetics of the finished stone.

High cost: Due to low efficiency and high scrap rate, the production cost remains high, which affects the profitability of the company.

Frequent equipment maintenance: traditional equipment malfunctions frequently, long maintenance and downtime, further reducing production efficiency.


In order to fulfill the order on time and improve the working efficiency, the Saudi customer decided to increase the investment and purchase the cutting equipment. In response to the customer's needs, other suppliers proposed to add more stone bridge saws and more employees, while our company provided a better solution: only one multi-blades stone bridge saw is needed to replace several ordinary stone bridge saws.

The advantages of multi-blade stone bridge saw

Efficient cutting: multiple saw blades work at the same time, and the cutting efficiency is far superior to that of single-blade cutting machines, which can greatly shorten working hours and increase production.

Cost saving: one machine only requires one operator, which can greatly reduce labor costs compared with traditional solutions.

Easy to operate: the equipment is simple to operate, easy to use, and the cost of worker training is low.

After sufficient market research, solution evaluation and budget comparison, the Saudi customer finally accepted our company's solution and purchased a multi-blade stone bridge saw.

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