cnc profiling cutting machine in Iran

At the beginning of 2023, our website received an enquiry from Iran for a stone profiling machine. The content of the enquiry was clear and concise, requiring product pictures, technical parameters, price and shipping details of the profiling machine.

Our team quickly provided this customer with detailed information, also providing details of the machine's performance, working principle and production process. Our salesman collated images of the relevant videos and sent them to the customer. The customer replied that he had received it and needed time to understand it.

The customer informed us that the project was still in the assessment stage and they needed to follow the progress of the project, step by step, before making a decision. During this period, the customer occasionally had some questions about the machine and our salesman immediately answered them. In the following months of follow up, the customers were simply replied and our salesman also summarised and reflected on the attitude and practice of follow up. In subsequent follow-ups, we also shared with the client some examples of our work in directing production, and provided further information on the project process and the client's requirements. The follow-up attitude of our salesmen was recognised by the customer, who also explained to us the situation of the customer's project in the past and some of the customer's concerns about our machines.

The customer already had a cnc profiling machine in their machining centre, but this machine was not working efficiently and had frequent problems, the manufacturer did not provide maintenance and the customer had to find an engineer at their own expense to repair it. This situation has been troubling the customer, who was concerned about whether the current problem could be solved by purchasing a new profiling machine.

After nearly half a year of evaluation and comparison, the customer had three suppliers selected, and the customer repeatedly compared the technical parameters, price and after-sales service of all aspects of the machine. The customer proposed after-sales service, the efficiency of the machine, etc., so that we could make a data comparison plan with his old machine. He also proposed improvements to the existing processing programme. Our salesman cooperated with our factory division and designer to give a data comparison and improvement plan. After the customer received our data, a few days later, the customer approved our proposal and proposed to come to our factory for a site visit.

A few days later, we received the customer, who first went to our factory and communicated with our salesman face to face, and raised questions about some of the data in the programme, and our salesman answered them one by one. After leaving our company, the customer also arranged to visit other suppliers. Three days later, our salesman received a message from the customer that he intended to come to our factory again to discuss matters such as after-sales service and to sign a purchase contract.

During our communication with the customer, the customer showed affirmation and praise for our professional ability and responsible attitude, which was a great encouragement and impetus to our team. In the end, the customer decided to choose our company for the purchase of profile cutting machine. We are proud to be the company that our client trusts and chooses. After the signing of the contract, our team worked even harder to provide perfect after-sales service to ensure that the machine was delivered and installed smoothly, which was recognised and affirmed by the customer.

All in all, the cooperation with our Iranian customer has been a success. We expect to be able to provide better quality products and services to our customers in future cooperation, and become a long-term partner of our customers.

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