Why people all like to choose marble for countertop

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  • Introduction of marble

Marble is formed by sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks of sedimentary rocks. Its main component is calcium carbonate, which is about 50%-75% and is weakly alkaline. Some marbles contain a certain amount of silicon dioxide, while others do not. The particles are fine (referring to calcium carbonate), the surface stripes are generally irregular, and the hardness is low.

marble countertop

  • Performance Features of marble


1. Marble has a wide variety of varieties

Marble has completely different colors and textures, some are unrestrained and romantic, some are like rolling clouds, some are quiet and contemplative, and some are like rainbows and suns. They fully reflect and show the charm of marble's unique colors and textures, and are ideal materials for processing marble countertop.

2. Marble has a large output

Marble is a soft material with various mining techniques and methods. Its mining efficiency is much higher than that of granite, so the output of marble is much higher than that of granite. In the stone slab market, we see more marble than granite. The rich variety and huge quantity of marble provide a convenient door for the selection of marble countertop.

 marble countertop

3. Marble cutting precision and high efficiency

The material hardness of marble is much lower than that of granite, but the cutting precision and efficiency of marble are higher than those of granite. Therefore, the processing efficiency of marble countertop is much higher than that of granite. When cutting some granite with high hardness, due to the quality problem of saw blades, the flatness of the cut granite countertop is poor. The straightness must be corrected manually during processing, which greatly affects the processing efficiency and product quality of granite. If the countertop is a thickened countertop, the edge collapse of the bottom surface of granite is more serious than that of marble, and the quality of the added edge is very poor, which affects the quality of the thickened countertop.


4.Easy to shape, various shapes

Marble has low hardness, and various complex edges can be processed with a forming knife, with high processing efficiency and good quality, and the cost of edge processing with a forming knife is much lower than that of granite. On the contrary, because granite has high hardness, the cost of edge processing with a forming knife is high, and the processing efficiency is much lower than that of marble. Marble edge shaping, especially the shaping of special-shaped countertop, is easier to achieve mechanized and automated processing than granite, realizing the assembly line production of marble countertop.

 stone engrvaing machine

5. Marble countertop are highly efficient in grinding and polishing

Marble countertop are much more efficient in grinding and polishing than granite because of their soft material, and are easy to automate and produce in assembly lines using mechanical equipment. On the contrary, granite is much less efficient in grinding and polishing than marble because of its high hardness, and mechanical grinding and polishing of granite often results in wear marks, grinding circles, and low gloss. countertop polished by equipment still need to be manually reworked to meet quality requirements.


6.Marble is easier to match with wall and floor stones

Nowadays, marble is often used for walls and floors of buildings, and the countertop designed by designers are mostly the same as or match the stones of walls and floors. Marble has more and wider matching stones, which determines that the countertop material selected in the marble material environment is more likely to be marble, rather than granite. Therefore, marble walls and floors are mostly decorated with the same stone.

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7. Marble countertop are easier to carve

Granite is harder and more brittle than marble. Therefore, if you want to process some higher-end countertop products, such as carving the edge of the countertop and processing more complex patterns, marble has advantages over granite. It is easier to express pattern details and details, making the edge pattern and relief of the countertop more vivid and more dynamic.


8. The surface texture of marble materials is more delicate

Because marble contains marble components, the snowflake-like crystal particles on the surface make many marble materials crystal clear and have a strong jade texture; some marble materials are more popular because of their unique texture and color, like natural landscape paintings. The unique texture and color of some marble materials make them naturally suitable for countertop, with good decorative effects and high product artistic value.

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