Stone Splitting Machine in Russian

2023 is the annual Russian machinery exhibition, which brings together international machinery manufacturers and buyers. At the show, all the major manufacturers prepare their exhibits and stands to showcase the latest machinery manufacturing equipment to a global audience. On 27 June, the head of a local stone processing plant visited the exhibition site and placed an order for one of our folio machines.

The customer, a stone processor from Russia, was looking for a high-performance stone splitting machineto meet his production line requirements. When he was browsing around the exhibition, he was attracted by our exhibition poster that this machine is manufactured by our factory, we are a professional stone building material machinery integrated service enterprise integrating research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service, this folio machine belongs to the ultra-high performance stone processing machine, which can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs to a minimum. We have a wide range of machines with different capacities, for both machine and natural facets, as well as professional production guidance experience, and can customise high performance and low cost production lines according to the actual situation and requirements of our customers.

After communication with the exhibitor, discussions and demonstrations and many programme discussions, as well as references to our previous projects of stone splitting machine, the customer was very interested in stone splitting machine and gave positive feedback on the price, and the customer immediately entered into the process of placing an order and signing a contract. During this process, we gave the customer a preferential price and at the same time provided a series of perfect solutions such as freight forwarding, guidance on installation and after-sales service. This piqued the customer's interest and he immediately decided to place an order for the machine, signing a purchase contract form and paying a deposit to ensure the machine was delivered to his factory as soon as possible.

During the contract signing process, all the specifications of the goods and services were explained in detail and the quality of the machine was guaranteed. The exhibitor also offered more flexible payment options for customers. In addition, we were able to provide professional training to the customer on the operation of the machines to ensure a seamless production line and to maintain communication with the customer at all times.
This sourcing success story proves that the show is a great opportunity for buyers and exhibitors to learn about market trends and a necessary tool for advancing their own business. It also demonstrates that our level of professionalism and service is highly appreciated by our customers.

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Stone machine timely and efficient after-sales service
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