Multi Blade Stone Bridge Saw in Saudi Arabiain

Country: Saudi Arabiain


Type: Multi Blade Stone Bridge Saw

Client's Background:

A specification slab stone processing enterprise in Saudi Arabia is mainly engaged in the preliminary processing of paving stones, curb stones and other stones. The company is located in Saudi Arabia and has rich experience in stone processing. The company mainly undertakes orders for stone processing used in road construction, garden landscaping and other fields.

Client's Issue:

With the increase in order volume, the customer's existing infrared bridge cutting machine, with its low efficiency of single-piece cutting, was unable to handle multiple cutting tasks at the same time, which led to a longer production lead time and affected the delivery time. This led to a backlog of orders that could not be delivered on time. In this case, the company is in urgent need of stone cutting equipment that can improve production efficiency.


In response to the customer's needs, we recommended the dafon Multi Blade Stone Bridge Saw to the customer, and sent the customer an on-site cutting video of this machine, and introduced the function, use and advantages of the Stone Bridge Saw to the customer:
  • High efficiency: Stone Bridge Saw uses multiple saw blades to operate at the same time. Up to 7 1200mm saw blades can be used for cutting at the same time, and the cutting efficiency is increased several times.
  • High precision: Using high-precision guide rails and servo motor control to ensure cutting accuracy.
  • After-sales service: We promise to provide 24-hour after-sales service, respond quickly to any questions and needs of customers, and ensure uninterrupted production operation.
  • Customized solution: According to the customer's requirements, we have customized the cutting machine to make it more suitable for the customer's local processing requirements and ensure the accuracy and stability of cutting.

Clent's Choose:

After comprehensive evaluation and comparison of solutions from multiple suppliers, the Saudi customer finally chose us to provide Multi blade Stone Bridge Saw

  • High cost performance: What we provide has obvious advantages in performance and price, and can meet customers' budget requirements.
  • Mature technology: We have experience in R&D and manufacturing of multi blade Stone Bridge Saw, the technology is mature and reliable, and the product performance is stable.
  • Perfect service: We provide customers with professional pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services, and can solve problems encountered by customers in a timely manner.
  • Good reputation: We have a good reputation in the industry and have been recognized and trusted by many customers.

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