The First Day of Dafon Machinery at Xiamen Stone Fair

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The twenty-fourth Xiamen stone exhibition grand opening! From 40 countries and regions of 2000 + exhibitors stone enterprises gathered together, the exhibition area of 191,000 square meters, and a 4-day stone feast officially opened.


Exhibition Spectacular:

The first day of the exhibition, crowded and lively. From all over the world stone dealers, agents, buyers, architects, designers, decoration companies, real estate developers, engineering contractors, home building materials consumers, and other professional visitors gathered at the exhibition site, to feel the beauty of stone, explore the new trends in the development of the stone industry.

kerbstone cutting machine

Wonderful Exhibits

The exhibition brings together high-quality stone products and processing equipment, covering marble, granite, quartz stone, artificial stone and other varieties, stone cutting, grinding, polishing, carving, and other processing equipment. Applied to building decoration, home decoration, landscape design, and other fields.

Dafon Machinery, a leading enterprise in the stone industry, presented a variety of intelligent equipment at the exhibition, attracting the attention of many businessmen. Intelligent equipment to lead the industry's new trend. dafon machinery with a kerbstone cutting machine line, a 5-axis bridge cutting machine, a double-beam single-head stone profiling machine, and other heavy products at the exhibition, attracted the attention of many merchants.

The kerbstone processing line is the first product of dafon machinery, which is also the most efficient integrated solution for curbstone processing in the market. The line consists of a loading machine, slicing machine, length setting machine, transition frame, chamfering machine, and other parts, the user can be optional according to the production requirements of the addition of a fire machine and grinding equipment. Using this set of Dafeng's equipment, you can save 15-25% of floor space, reduce 20-30% of the equipment investment capital, and reduce 30-50% of the loss of the diamond cutter head.

 kerbstone cutting machine

The 5-axis bridge cutting machine is equipped with a conventional straight line cutting function, but also can deal with curved shapes, such as round, oval, triangular, hexagonal, and other shapes, it is a good helper for the processing of countertop shapes.

  5-axis bridge cutting machine

Double beam single head stone profiling machine is suitable for imitation marble, granite lines, Roman columns, large arc plates and other products, line processing, a molding, eliminating the need for manual dry casting and other procedures, processing efficiency is higher than ordinary profiling machine on the market.

 stone profiling machine

Dafon machinery always adheres to independent research and development and innovation, intelligence, and automation as the direction of development, for the stone industry to provide efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly production solutions. In front of the booth, there were a lot of people, and the customers were in an endless stream. The professional and technical staff of Dafon Machinery enthusiastically introduced the functions and advantages of the products and answered all kinds of questions raised by the customers.

Exhibition Outlook

If you are already in China, please come to B4011 to visit and discuss Dafon's exhibits, or you can directly come to our factory to visit, Dafon Factory is always happy to welcome you.

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