kerbstone cutting machine in Kazakhstan

Country: Kazakhstan

Type : kerbstone cutting machine

Client's Background:

The customer is a new kerbstone processing plant located in Kazakhstan, which is mainly engaged in kerbstone cutting and processing. With the construction of the factory and the growth of production demand, the customer urgently needs to purchase efficient and economical kerbstone cutting equipment to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure product quality.

Client's Issue:

The solution provided by other suppliers is to cut the blocks with a block cutting machine and then cut the curbstones to size with a bridge cutter. According to the customer's production requirement, one block cutting machine and 4-5 bridge cutters are needed to meet the production demand.

Although this solution can meet the customer's production requirement, it still has the following disadvantages:

1. High investment in equipment: it needs one block cutting machine and 4-5 bridge cutter to meet the customer's output requirements, and a large amount of capital investment is needed for the purchase of equipment in the early stage.

2. Large occupation space: many sets of equipment need larger space, the factory building area requirements are higher.

3. high labor costs: because of the need for a number of employees to operate the equipment, higher labor wages.

4. low production efficiency: multi-process cutting, relatively low production efficiency.

5. Complex management: multiple equipment, multiple employees, production management is more complex.


After understanding the customer's needs, we recommend a kerbstone cutting machine to the customer, the kerbstone cutting machine consists of two parts: the slicing machine and the edge cutting machine, the main part of the integrated casting structure, strong and steady, with a high degree of automation, easy to operate, high cutting standard, mainly used for kerbstone or thick slabs of high-hardness granite cutting.

1.Low Capital Investment

Same capacity, compared to other models on the market Reducing equipment investment by 20 to 30 per cent.Reduce the pressure on business capital investment.

2.Optimizing Space

Same capacity, compared to other models on the market Saving 15-25 percent of workshop space.Improve overall process efficiency in the workshop floor.

3.High Degree of Automation

entire assembly line Operated by only 1~2 persons.Greatly save  labour cost and solve the problem of factory labour.

4.High Cutting Standard

Adopting the cutting method of shallow travelling and fast walking, with fewer cuts and faster cutting.Effectively reduces diamond tip loss by 30~50% .


After comparing and inspecting the two solutions, the customer was very satisfied with our solution, which not only solved their problems of low productivity and high cost, but also customized their production plan and improved their production efficiency.

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