A Line Polishing Machine for Kerb stone

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Why choose dafon kerb stone polisher machine ?

Road construction and urban beautification needs. As a common road isolation and beautification facility, curb stones play an important role in road construction. In order to improve the appearance quality and durability of the curb stone, it needs to be polished to make its surface smoother and more beautiful, while also enhancing its pressure resistance and wear resistance. However, the traditional line polishing machine can no longer meet the production efficiency and The quality requirements mainly include the following aspects:

1. Manual polishing is labor-intensive, and low-efficiency, and the polished surface quality is unstable;

2. The processing efficiency of single-sided kerb stone polisher machine is low and cannot meet the needs of mass production;

3. The surface quality of the curb stone processed by a single-sided kerb stone polisher machine is not ideal, and the gloss and smoothness are insufficient;

4. The cost of manual polishing is high, and it is difficult to ensure the consistency of product quality.

Dafon adopted a new design scheme and electrical control system, and developed a double-sided stone polisher machine based on domestic and foreign market demand. It replaced the previous method of mainly relying on manual polishing, greatly improved production efficiency, and completely solved the problem of manual polishing production efficiency. High cost situation.

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The components of Kerb stone polisher machine

1. Main frame: The main body of the kerb stone polisher machine is made of high-quality metal, which ensures the stability of the equipment during polishing.

2. Polishing head: The polishing head is the most important part of the machine. Use different types of resin polishing pads to polish the surface of curb stones

3. Control box: The control box is the main component to ensure the smooth operation of the Kerb stone polisher machine. It includes the power switch, motor speed regulator and other accessories.

4. Transmission belt: The belt is the main tool for conveying curb stones by the curb stone polishing machine. It provides strong and stable power for the equipment and ensures efficient operation.

5. Resin abrasives: Resin abrasives are an important part of curb stone polishing machines. Choosing high-quality resin abrasives can improve the polishing quality and efficiency of curb stones.

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The Polishing Process of double-sided Kerb Stone Polisher Machine

Curbstone polishing mainly consists of coarse grinding, fine grinding, and polishing in three stages, the following is a detailed description of the three processes

1. rough grinding stage

Rough grinding is the first process of curbstone polishing, the main purpose is to remove burrs and unevenness on the surface of the curbstone, to lay a good foundation for the subsequent fine grinding and polishing.

Dafon double-sided Kerb Stone Polisher Machine adopts a multi-head diamond grinding head with adjustable grinding strength, which can quickly and effectively remove the rough part of the surface of the curbstone. At the same time, it is equipped with an automatic water spraying dust reduction system, which can effectively reduce dust pollution and ensure a clean working environment.

2. Fine grinding stage

Fine grinding is the second process of curbstone polishing, the main purpose is to further improve the smoothness and flatness of the curbstone surface.

Dafon's double-sided grinding machine adopts a multi-head resin grinding head with high grinding precision, which can polish the surface of curbstone more smoothly and flatly.

3. Polishing stage

Polishing is the last process of curbstone polishing, the main purpose is to make the surface of curbstone as bright as a mirror.

The polishing speed can be adjusted, according to the needs of different materials, fine polishing, Dafon double-sided Line Polishing Machine polishing process, fine and efficient, to meet the needs of different materials of roadside stone polishing, to ensure the quality of the finished roadside stone.

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The Benefit of Using the Double-Face Line Kerbstone Polisher

Dafon launches curb stone polishing machine. The emergence of this equipment has completely changed the current status of curb stone polishing operations and achieved automated and efficient production. It has the following advantages:

Fast polishing speed: Using a kerb stone polish machine can greatly increase the polishing speed, shorten the production cycle, and meet the needs of mass production.

High polishing quality: The polishing machine can ensure that the gloss and flatness of the polished curb stone reach high standards, improving the appearance quality of the product.

Reduce production costs: The use of stone polishing machines can reduce labor input, reduce production costs, and increase the company's profit margins.

Improve production efficiency: Automated production can improve the production efficiency of enterprises, shorten the order completion time, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

In short, the use of dafon kerb stone polishing machine has realized the automation and efficiency of curb stone polishing operations, bringing significant economic and social benefits to the enterprise.

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The Application of The Curb Stone Polishing Machine

Curbstone double-sided line polishing machine adopts an advanced operation control system, which makes the operation process easy and simple, and the performance is also very stable. This machine is widely used in the processing of all kinds of stone, especially in the production of products such as roadside stone, top stone, and tombstone stone. In these fields, the double-sided kerb stone polishing machine plays an irreplaceable role.

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In summary

Dafon has other series of stone polishing machines in addition to double-sided kerb stone polishing machine: granite polishing machine; automatic marble polishing machine; slab line polishing machine ect.

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