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Multi disc Calibration Machine for Stone

Price: negotiation
Brand Name: DAFON
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: DFB-Y600/800/1000/1250 (2T/4T/6T)
Power: 22/30kw
Weight: 6800/12000/18000kg
Application: marble,granite,other stone
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Delivery Time:90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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  • Introduction

High-speed rotation of the diamond milling disk on the surface of the stone plate milling processing can effectively eliminate the stone surface knife mark to avoid the formation of wave surface plate, so that the stone plate gets a flat surface, to ensure that the thickness of the plate is the same, applicable to the stone plate and other fixed-thickness processing and its surface processing, can be used with the automatic milling equipment and so on.
It can be used with an automatic grinding machine and other equipment to form an assembly line, to improve the polishing efficiency and quality, and it is the first choice of equipment for stone plate thickening and leveling.

Multi disc Calibration Machine

  • Machine Details

Multi disc Calibration Machine

  • Features

1. Stable structure
The stone calibration machine has good structural rigidity and high stability. It can withstand large processing loads and ensure processing accuracy.

2. Efficient processing method
The high-speed rotating diamond milling disc is used to mill the surface of the stone plate, which has high processing efficiency and can effectively eliminate the knife marks on the stone surface and avoid the formation of wavy surfaces on the plate.

3. Precision control system
The PLC control system can realize precise cutting control of the processing thickness to ensure processing accuracy.

4. Complete safety protection device
The stone calibration machine is equipped with complete safety protection devices, such as safety doors, safety limit switches, etc., to ensure the safety of operators.

5. Strong scalability
The stone calibration machine can form an assembly line with auto grinding polishing machine to realize automated production.

  • Technical Data

Multi disc Calibration Machine

  • Application

Multi disc Calibration Machine

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   Impressive Performance of the Bush Hammer Machine

Bagrat  2024-07-06

The bush hammer machine from Dafon Machinery has transformed our surface finishing process, delivering unmatched texture and quality!
   Exceptional Performance of the Bush Hammer Machine

Elliot  2024-07-04

As a seasoned construction worker, I've encountered many tools, but the bush hammer machine stands out. This beast easily tackles surface texturing, leaving behind beautifully textured stone surfaces.
   The calibrator machine that does it all

Benny wong  2024-07-04

The stone multi-disc calibration machine is an indispensable tool for stone fabrication businesses, driving efficiency, precision, and quality while reducing labor costs.
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