Dafon small marble polishing machine for polishing stone surface

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The marble polishing machine is mainly used to grind and polish the surface of various stone rough slabs and blocks. Grinding and polishing is a very important process in stone processing, grinding and polishing quality directly affects the surface gloss. Grinding and polishing processing in addition to the front processing of the plate, sometimes also on its side processing, but also on a variety of shaped surface processing. The small marble polishing machine is the most widely used in the stone processing of a device.

 marble polishing machine

Marble stone polishing machine classification

According to the form of marble polishing machine plate movement, it can be divided into motion mill and fixed mill. The motion mill is mainly a continuous mill, where the plates are placed on the conveyor belt and driven by the conveyor belt for feeding motion.

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 The fixed mill is a continuous movement of the grinding head without moving the plate, and can be divided into single and multi-head according to the number of installed grinding heads, single-headed hand-held mill and single-headed bridge mill, and multi-headed double-headed bridge mill.

According to the grinding head automation degree mill can be divided into manual and automatic, manual grinding head mill mainly includes hand-held mill and other small manual polishing machine, automatic grinding head mill by the electric power control and automatic execution by the mechanical system, automatic grinding head mill mainly has continuous mill and bridge mill. According to the abrasive composition of the grinding head mill is divided into calibrator and general mill.

Abrasive of marble polishing machine

The leveling machine is mainly used to grind the roughness of the surface, the grinding volume is large, and the grinding head used is diamond abrasive; while the abrasive used in the general mill is mainly silicon carbide and corundum type abrasive, and the grinding volume is much less than the leveling machine. According to the grinding method, it is divided into flat mill and side mill, and the side mill is mainly an edge grinding machine. In addition, according to the plane and curved surface can also be divided into plane mill and shaped mill.

marble stone polishing machine

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