Kerbstone Machine Line DFLSX1200-13S in Angola

Our Customer from Angola Successfully Installed his Kerbstone Machine Line DFLSX1200-13S

A customer from Angola recently received a Kerbstone Machine Line DFLSX1200-13S. This is a moment worth celebrating! This customer chose DAFON to show his trust in our company. This is the best affirmation of our product quality and service.

With the help of technicians, the machine has been installed in his workshop. In the coming time, we will provide some more services, such as technical support or training. We hope to do our best to help our users better use and maintain their machines.

This customer had always wanted a high-quality Kerbstone Machine Line for cutting Kerbstone. There is no doubt that this Kerbstone Machine Line can meet his needs. 
Before using the DFLSX1200-13S Kerbstone Machine Line to cut curbstone, you need to prepare the curbstone and set the cutting size. Then, after starting the machine,  the curbstone will through the loading conveyor to the slicing machine and edge-cutting machine to cut, arriving at the stone chamfering machine by transition conveyor.

During this process, Upper and lower materials need to be operated by personnel, and other processes to realize the full automation of cutting, without personnel operation, saving personnel salaries, improving efficiency, increasing production, and Kerbstone's high standards

DAFON has been established for more than 10 years. Since its establishment, we have pursued the business philosophy of seeking survival by quality. We adhere to professional, and efficient principles. In the future, we will continue to develop domestic and foreign markets with our whole sincere.
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