Introduction of Dafon best granite kerbstone cutting machine line

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1. Introduction of kerbstone

Road edge stone belongs to a kind of strip stone, refers to the use of kerbstone cutting machine to cut the stone into a block-like object used in the edge of the road boundary stone, road edge stone is also known as road tooth stone or roadside stone, road tooth stone. Road edge stone is on the road surface to distinguish the carriageway, pavement, green space, isolation zone and other parts of the road boundary, to protect pedestrians, vehicle traffic safety and to ensure that the road edge neat role.

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2.Kerbstone cutting machine Introduction to chamfering machines

The roadside stone is the most common kind of decorative stone, roadside stone in the processing out of a four-square prism, and we see many of the roadside stone will have a bevel or rounded corners, this bevel and rounded corners is what we will say below chamfering.
Chamfering refers to the cutting of an angle to a certain bevel. So how is 1234 chamfering done on kerbstones?
There are many different ways of chamfering paving stones, the more advanced being fully automatic chamfering, semi-automatic chamfering and manual chamfering.
The fully automatic chamfering of 1234 is carried out by means of a special chamfering machine, which works automatically after the parameters have been set.

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3.Dafon kerbstone cutting machine line

The 1234 is highly productive, producing up to 100 cubic metres per day with only four workers, a 60% increase in efficiency over traditional cutting machines. It also has a major advantage, is the use of multi-knife cutting and slicing machine, less under the knife, fast walking speed, that is, in a shallow line fast walking cutting way, not only to save the knife head loss, but also to ensure the smoothness and thickness of the cutting board surface, than the traditional 1234 has a clear advantage, the whole board cut out smooth and flat, uniform thickness, generous and beautiful. The main machine is supported in both directions by the main and secondary shaft connection, which makes the cutting precise and efficient and shows a very outstanding performance.

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