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Curbstones are strips of stone set at the edge of the road surface to separate other structural zones. They are essential in road traffic facilities such as highways, urban roads, and community roads. They are also an indispensable part of urban greening and landscaping. kerb stonescan not only beautify the edge of the road but also play a role in boundary identification and protection. This article will discuss the definition, function, classification, price, etc. of curbstones


  • Definition of curbstones

Curbstones refer to a stone structure used for the edge of the road or the edge of the sidewalk. It is usually made of natural stone or concrete and has the characteristics of hardness, wear resistance, frost resistance, and anti-skid. The main function of kerb stonesis to separate motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, guide vehicles to drive, protect the roadbed, drain water, and beautify the urban road environment.



  • Functions of curbstones

The functions of kerb stonesare mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Separate traffic: kerb stonesseparate motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, guide vehicles to drive, prevent vehicles from leaving the road, and ensure pedestrian safety.

Protect the roadbed: kerb stonescan protect the roadbed, prevent the edge of the road from being damaged by rain, and extend the service life of the road.

Drainage: Kerbstone can guide rainwater along the kerbstone into the drainage system to ensure smooth roads.

Beautify the environment: Kerbstone can beautify the urban road environment and add a beautiful landscape to urban roads.


  • Classification of Kerb stones


1. Material classification

There are many types of curbstones, including concrete curbstones, granite curbstones, cement curbstones, etc.


2. Size classification

The size of curbstones is usually customized according to the design requirements of roads or sidewalks, generally including parameters such as length, width, and height. Common length sizes are 1000mm, 900mm, 800mm, etc., the width is generally between 150mm and 300mm, and the height is between 20mm and 450mm. Different length sizes are suitable for different road designs and use environments, so you need to choose according to your actual needs when purchasing


3. Classification by cross-sectional shape

H-type curbstone: H-type curbstone is the most common type of curbstone, with a trapezoidal cross-sectional shape, suitable for the separation of motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks.

T-type curbstone: The cross-sectional shape of the T-type curbstone is similar to that of the H-type curbstone, but the width is narrower, suitable for the separation of sidewalks and green spaces.

R-type curbstone: The cross-section of the R-type curbstone is an arc shape, which is beautiful and has smooth lines. It is suitable for the construction of squares, gardens, etc.

F-type curbstone: The cross-section of the F-type curbstone is wavy, with anti-glare and anti-slip characteristics. It is suitable for the construction of highways, first-class highways, etc.

TF-type vertical edgestone: The TF-type vertical edgestone is based on the T-type curbstone and adds a vertical edge. It is suitable for the separation of sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

P-type flat edgestone: The cross-section of the P-type flat edgestone is square, which is suitable for separating lawns, flower beds, etc. from the edges of roads.


  • The price of kerbstone


The price of curbstone is closely related to the length size, which not only affects the cost of the product but also affects the efficiency and aesthetics of the construction.


1. The relationship between price and length size


The price of curbstone is closely related to the length size. Generally speaking, longer kerb stones often require more raw materials and processing costs, so the price is relatively high. In addition, longer curbstones also require more manpower and mechanical equipment during transportation and construction, which will also increase the overall cost. Therefore, generally speaking, as the length size increases, the price of curbstone will also increase accordingly.


2. Other factors affecting the price


In addition to the length size, the price of curbstone is also affected by other factors. For example, the choice of materials, processing technology, surface treatment, etc. will affect the price. Granite curbstones are usually more expensive than concrete curbstones because the cost of granite itself is higher and the processing technology is more complicated.


3. The influence of length size


The length size not only affects the price of curbstones but also affects their use effect during construction. Longer curbstones can better fix the edge of the road and improve the overall aesthetics and stability of the road. In addition, the length size is also directly related to the efficiency of construction. Longer curbstones can reduce the number of joints, thereby reducing the joint processing work during the construction process and improving construction efficiency.


In actual use, the selection of length size needs to comprehensively consider factors such as road design requirements, use environment, and budget. Generally speaking, larger curbstones are suitable for main roads or roads with heavy traffic, while smaller curbstones are suitable for secondary roads or sidewalks. When choosing the length size, it is necessary to fully consider the actual situation of the road to avoid waste or poor use due to improper size.


  • Selection of curbstones


As an important structure in road construction, the price of curbstones is closely related to the length size. When purchasing and using curbstones, it is necessary to fully consider the impact of length size on price and use effect, comprehensively consider various factors such as traffic flow, aesthetic requirements, drainage requirements, and cost budget, and choose products that meet actual needs. At the same time, during the construction process, it is also necessary to reasonably arrange the construction plan according to the length size to improve construction efficiency and ensure the quality and aesthetics of road construction.


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