The Processing of Stone Natural Surface

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Introduction of Stone Natural Surface

Generally speaking, natural surface stone refers to the surface that is naturally formed without any treatment, such as the slate texture of slate and the joints of granite. However, the natural surface mentioned in the market refers to the naturally undulating surface formed by splitting, knocking and breaking, also known as natural splitting surface or splitting natural surface.

The surface specifications of the natural surface of stone can be large or small according to the requirements of architectural decoration. The small size is 100mm, and the large size can be 600mm or even larger.

stone splitting machine

Large-size natural surface stone fabrication process

Large-sized natural surface stone is difficult to process, with poor quality, low processing efficiency, low processing yield and high loss rate. Large-sized natural surface stone processing has its own processing technology - grooving and splitting processing technology, which can produce qualified large-sized natural surface products.

Open the block stone → cut the block material → draw the groove → split the natural surface

1.Open stone blocks

Choose the blocks with few cracks to open them. The natural surface of the stone is best without cracks because if there are cracks in the split, the natural surface is easy to break.

The thickness of the natural surface stone is the thickness of the finished natural surface stone + 10mm or more processing allowance. Adding more than 10mm of margin is for processing tools into the internal processing of the stone, making it easy to split the face.

stone splitting machine

2.Cutting blocks

The open block of barren material is cut into specification boards according to the dimensions of the length and width (height) of the natural surface finished products on the production and processing orders.

stone bridge cutter

3.Pull groove

To 100mm ~ 200mm spacing not less than 10mm deep groove, for some high hardness of the stone, the depth of the groove is deeper—slotting machine selection bridge cutter.

4.Splitting natural surface

The traditional method of splitting natural stone by skilled workers using a chisel along the width or height of the blank layer by layer to split, and then chisel the groove on both sides of the split into a natural surface, and finally saw the groove trimmed into a natural surface. This method is time-consuming and laborious, and the processing cost is high.

stone splitting machine

with the advancement of stone processing technology, a machine specifically designed for processing natural surfaces - a stone splitting machine has been developed. This machine can split natural stones quickly and efficiently, greatly improving processing efficiency and reducing processing costs.

stone splitting machine

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