The Knowledge of Special Shape Stone

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  • What kind of stone is called shaped?

Shaped stone refers to all kinds of stone products other than stone plates, covering a wide range of modeling columns, carvings, countertops, lines, etc., with a wide range of application scenarios. Its processing technology is complex, the shape is ever-changing, can meet the construction and decoration of the field of a variety of needs.


  • Shaped stone classification and fabrication process

Plane-shaped stone products: such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, regular stone lines, waterjet parquet panels, workbench panels and table tops, regular curbstone, corners, etc., can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Plane-type shaped stone processing is relatively simple, mainly through the cutting, grinding, polishing and other simple processing procedures that can be produced; it is primarily by the stone cutting machine; stone edge grinding machine, and stone polishing machine processing completed.

Plane-shaped stone

3D type of shaped stone: breaks through the traditional stone plane limitations, to show the form of three-dimensional carving; for example stone carving products, reliefs, columns, column heads, column bases, railings, handrails, stone fireplaces, flower pots, and vases, tombstones, fountains, handicrafts and so on. It can be regular symmetrical products or irregular asymmetrical products.

 The main processing methods are: splitting, chopping, grinding, shoveling, chiseling, drilling, etc., and can be completed by hand processing, or using a 3D stone engraving machine, Balustrade Stone Profiling Cutting Machine, stone column cap base profile cutting machine can be used to realize the process

3D type of shaped stone

Curved plate products: such as curved plates, cylinders, regular curved lines, etc., shapes are symmetrical.The processing of curved special-shaped stones is also more difficult than that of flat special-shaped stones. It is mainly completed through simple processing such as cutting, grinding, and polishing. However, its equipment is very advanced and is specially used to process curved sections (such as diamond wire saws). It is mainly processed by a CNC wire Saw Machine.

Curved plate products

  • Application of Shape Stone

Shaped stone products have won the favor of consumers with their unique natural patterns, excellent physical properties and processing performance, and gorgeous and solemn decorative effects. They are widely used in building installation, home decoration, art sculpture, daily necessities, etc., especially in building decoration, such as door and window frames, Roman columns, fountains, arches, sculptures, parquet, etc., which have won the hearts of consumers and designers.

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