How to fabrication R-angle stone?

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Stone is a common building material that is durable, beautiful and elegant. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, building facades and landscape design. In the process of stone processing, R-angle technology is an important and common technology. It can make the corners of stone smooth and beautiful, thereby directly improving its durability and practicality. This article will introduce the principle, specific steps and practical application scope of R-angle technology in stone processing.


  • The principle of R-angle technology

The principle of R-angle technology is to process the right-angle corners of the stone into rounded shapes through specific mechanical equipment and process flow. Specifically, this process uses methods such as grinding and polishing to grind the corners of the stone into smooth curves, thereby increasing its beauty and safety.

Specific steps of R angle process


  • Traditional processing steps:


1. Preparation: Select appropriate stone and corner radius, and determine the parts that need R angle treatment according to design requirements and actual conditions.

2. Cutting stone: Use a stone cutting machine to cut the stone into the required size and shape.

3. Rough processing: Use an edge grinder or edge grinding stone to perform preliminary trimming of the edges and corners of the stone to make it close to the target shape.

4.Finishing: Use tools such as grinding wheels or sandpaper to further grind and polish the stone to achieve a smooth and flat effect.

manual polisher

Although the traditional R-angle process can transform the edges and corners of stone into beautiful and practical rounded corners, the process is relatively complicated and time-consuming, and requires a lot of manual operation, which is difficult to meet the modern manufacturing industry's demand for high efficiency and low cost.

In order to meet market demand and improve processing level, Dafon Machinery has devoted its efforts to develop a groundbreaking machine specifically for chamfering - stone chamfering machine for kerbstone and thickness stone slabs.

The development of stone chamfering machine marks the entry of R-angle process into a new era of automation. It is matched with loading and unloading machine to form an efficient and intelligent chamfering production line, which completely subverts the constraints of traditional technology.

Automated operation, efficient and convenient: Abandoning the cumbersome process of traditional processes, the stone chamfering machine can independently complete chamfering, rounding, polishing and other processes, and only 2 employees are required for semi-automatic loading and unloading, which greatly improves production efficiency


Complete functions, one machine for multiple uses: Not only limited to chamfering, the stone chamfering machine also has functions such as rounding and polishing, which can meet the diverse needs of stone processing and achieve the effect of one machine for multiple uses.

Save manpower and reduce costs: The automated operation mode effectively reduces dependence on manual labor, reduces labor costs, and also reduces the labor intensity of workers.


  • Modern processing steps:

1. Precise positioning: adjust the cutting angle

First, through the machine's built-in scale, the operator can easily adjust the saw blade cutting angle to ensure cutting accuracy and meet different stone processing needs.

2.Convenient loading: flexible approach, efficient production

Manually with the loading machine for efficient loading, stone can be loaded in two ways: horizontal or vertical.Vertical processing is conducive to finished product packing, while Horizontal processing is easier to operate. Manual operation with loading machine, smooth process, high efficiency.

stone beveling machine

3. One-stop processing: chamfering, rounding, polishing, thickness setting, all under control

The stone enters the stone chamfering machine in an orderly manner through the conveyor rack, where the core processes such as chamfering and rounding are completed. In addition, according to customer needs, polishing and thickness setting functions can also be realized to meet multiple processing needs in one stop.

4. Convenient unloading and efficient packaging

The finished products are sent to the unloading area by conveyor belts, and workers use unloading equipment to carry out semi-automatic unloading and packaging, which is simple to operate and highly efficient

stone chamfering machine

In short, the modern stone processing process, with its high efficiency, precision and intelligence, leads the stone processing industry to a higher level and brings a new experience to the production of stone products.

  • Practical application scope of R-angle technology

Construction: On the outside of the building, the R corner process outlines smooth lines, making the building outline more elegant and dynamic, and the overall aesthetics has been significantly improved. At the same time, the R corner process can also effectively avoid bumping caused by sharp corners, enhancing the safety of the building.

Landscape design: R-angle technology can be seen everywhere in the landscape design of parks and squares. Stone sculptures, flower beds, fences, etc., after the R corner process, the lines are softer, and harmoniously integrated with the natural environment, creating a more comfortable and cozy landscape experience.

Bridges and highways: In bridges, highways and other transportation facilities, R angle process also plays an important role. Guardrail, curbstone and other stone components, after the R corner process, more durable, but also to avoid injury caused by sharp corners of pedestrians and vehicles, to protect traffic safety.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and aesthetic requirements of stone products continue to improve, R corner process will be more widely used in the field of stone processing, stone products to give more artistic beauty and practical value.

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