How to carve a stone relief?

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  • Introduction of stone relief

Stone relief is a kind of sculpture carved in relief on natural stone. The carving masters carve the image to be shaped on a flat stone plate, separating its shape from the raw material's plane.

Stone relief works can be said to be a kind of sculpture that combines sculpture and painting, which can make one or both sides of the stone become an ornamental sculpture.

stone relief

  • The handmade process of stone relief

1. Make a design draft

Draw a stone carving manuscript according to the customer's requirements. You may also need to use a computer to make multi-angle renderings for the customer to review.

2. Choose the right stone material

Choose the right stone material according to the design drawings, design requirements, and production process requirements. It should be noted that this process must also check the color difference, stone structure, and other issues that may affect the subsequent work.

3. Initial processing and preparation for carving

Make the rough stones into plates and cut them into size using a stone block cutter. Pay attention to the joint inspection.

4. Carving and setting out

Make a 1:1 sample according to the design

stone relief

5. Start carving

After the lofting is completed, the stone prototype (rough outline) is carved, and then the craftsman carves it in detail.

6. Polishing

After the carving is completed, the details are processed and polished with coarse sandpaper and fine sandpaper.

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Handmade reliefs are unique, artistic and personal. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and demonstrates the craftsman's skill and creativity. However, handmade reliefs are time-consuming and costly, and the quality and effect vary depending on the craftsman's experience and skills.

In order to meet the growing market demand for relief artworks, Dafon has developed an advanced stone engraving machine. This machine greatly simplifies the cumbersome operation steps in the traditional engraving process. Users only need to import the design drawings into the system, and the machine will automatically perform accurate engraving according to the preset path. This process not only liberates manual operation, but also significantly improves engraving efficiency and finished product accuracy. Dafon stone engraving machine is not only suitable for the production of relief works, but also for the engraving of various complex patterns and texts, providing users with an efficient, accurate and time-saving engraving solution.

  • Hand engraving vs. automatic engraving

High efficiency: stone engraving machine can automatically engrave according to the pre-set program, with high work efficiency and fast speed, especially suitable for mass production. Manual engraving requires a lot of time and energy, and the production speed is slow

High precision: stone engraving machine can accurately control the movement trajectory and depth of the tool, and the engraved relief is more delicate, beautiful and of higher quality. Manual engraving is easily affected by human factors, and the precision and quality are relatively poor. Reduce costs: Although the initial equipment investment is high, the long-term use cost is low, especially suitable for mass production and reducing labor costs.

Complex patterns: stone engraving machine can engrave various complex patterns and shapes, which are not restricted by traditional craftsmanship, and the styles are more novel. Manual engraving is limited by the engraving level of craftsmen in terms of shape, and the finished product level is not unique

stone carving machine

Save materials and reduce costs: stone engraving machine can make full use of stone materials, reduce material waste and reduce production costs. Manual engraving is prone to material waste and relatively high cost.

Easy to operate: only need to design and program through computer, the operation is relatively simple, and does not require excessive manual skills.

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  • How to distinguish the quality of stone relief?


The quality of the stone is the key. The strength, hardness, performance, and cost of different materials vary greatly.

It is recommended to choose high-quality stone, such as bluestone, white marble, granite, etc.


Choose a manufacturer with rich experience and advanced equipment to ensure product quality and durability.

You can make judgments through field visits or by checking the manufacturer's qualifications and cases.

Physical objects:

Carefully observe the details of the stone relief, such as the fineness of the carving, the smoothness of the lines, and the overall beauty.

You can touch the texture and smoothness of the stone with your hands.


When choosing a stone relief, you should consider factors such as materials, manufacturers, and physical objects, and make purchases based on your own needs and budget.

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