CNC 4-Axis Stone Cutting Machine in Ghana

During the Xiamen Stone Fair, a customer from Ghana was attracted by the 4-Axis cutting machine on our booth and therefore came into our booth (B4010). The customer looked closely at the finished slabs of stone cut by us, which were cut into circles, squares, rectangles, and other unusual shapes. The customer said that his processing plant was looking for this machine and that they had previously looked at similar machines with a 5-axis cutter and 3-axis bridge saw machine, It is clear that 5-axis cutter machining technology is still immature and that these shortcomings are in full display in the machining plant. The 3-axis cutting machine is not suitable for cutting heterogeneous shapes. We had a good conversation and the customer left his business card and there are plans to visit our workshop after the show.

After the show, our salesman invited the customer to visit our factory to get a first-hand experience of our machinery. Our sales team gave a full demonstration of our cutting machine all-in-one machine and the customer was impressed with its capabilities.

The customer had a number of queries regarding pricing and technical specifications and our team were able to provide detailed information as well as customized solutions to meet the customer's requirements. During the exhibition, the customer also visited other machinery exhibitors and after various comparisons and evaluations, the customer was convinced of the quality of our products and services and agreed to sign a purchase contract with us to purchase a four-axis machine. This will be followed by a number of machine accessories, tool heads, and other tools.

Our team ensures that all steps are taken to make the entire process, from pre-sales consultation and site visits to after-sales service, seamless and hassle-free. With our efficient customer-oriented approach and quality product supply, we were able to successfully complete the order and win a satisfied customer from Ghana.

This success story is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality mechanical products and services that meet the unique needs of our diverse customers.

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