The Processing Solution of tactile paving stone

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  • Material of tactile paving stone


Tactile paving stones are crucial accessibility features, and their material selection is of paramount importance. Granite, with its exceptional physical properties, stands out as one of the preferred materials for crafting tactile paving stones.

Granite's dense structure, high compressive strength, remarkable hardness, and excellent water and wear resistance make it well-equipped to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments. This ensures that tactile paving stones remain durable and long-lasting, effectively fulfilling their intended purpose. 

Specifically, granite boasts a compressive strength of over 200-300 MPa and a hardness of around 7 on the Mohs scale, enabling it to withstand the pressure and friction exerted by pedestrians, including those with visual impairments. Moreover, granite exhibits outstanding water and weather resistance, ensuring its integrity even under harsh weather conditions. Unlike materials susceptible to water absorption and expansion-induced deformation, granite maintains its flatness and safety.

 dotted tactile paving stone,

  • Classify of tactile paving stone

Tactile paving stones are road facilities designed for the blind to provide them with a safe and convenient travel experience. They are usually paved with two types of bricks: strip guide bricks and reminder bricks with dots.

strip tactile paving stones, as the name suggests, are laid in strips and arranged in an orderly manner to guide the blind in the right direction to avoid accidents.

dotted tactile paving stones are laid at intersections, turns, or in front of obstacles. The brick surface has raised dots. When the blind touch it with a cane, they can sense the changes in the road conditions ahead and remind them to pay attention to safety.

The laying of tactile paving stones fully reflects the care for the visually impaired and creates a safer and barrier-free travel environment for them.

dotted tactile paving stone,

  • The solutions of process tactile paving stone

tactile paving stone

Solution 1:

Equipment used: infrared bridge cutting machine + granite engraving machine


Use an infrared bridge cutting machine t to cut tactile paving stone sheets of different specifications


using the double-head stone engraving machine carving stone into dotted tactile paving stone, strip tactile paving stone, arc tactile paving stone

infrared bridge cutting machine  

granite engraving machine

Solution 2:

Equipment used: infrared bridge cutting machine + Grooving Drawing Machine


Use an infrared bridge cutting machine t to cut tactile paving stone sheets of different specifications


Use a grooving drawing machine t to make Strip tactile paving stone

note: if want to get the dotted tactile paving stone, need to Manually use diamond grinding wheels for arc polishing

Grooving Drawing Machine

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