Infrared CNC bridge saw machine in India

     We recently completed a successful shipment order for our Infrared CNC Bridge Saw Machine. This machine was purchased by a stone manufacturing company from India. Here is the case of our delivery:
     During the initial negotiation stage, the customer suggested that they needed a highly efficient machine that could accommodate cutting different types of stone, such as granite, marble, rock slabs, tiles, etc., while reducing errors. Our sales team, after careful understanding of the customer's needs and suggestions, finally recommended our advanced Infrared CNC Bridge Saw Machine, which features an automated, high-precision control system with branded accessories such as pressure sensors and contour sensors, giving the machine a high-precision cutting effect and thus a more accurate grasp of the cutting process and results. In addition, our Infrared CNC Bridge Saw Machine's high-end infrared cutting system is capable of cutting squares and rectangles quickly and accurately. The maximum cutting size of the machine is 3200*2000*250mm, and the table height can be automatically adjusted according to the sample size. Therefore, our machines are considered ideal for our customers.
      As the Indian customer had high technical requirements, we explained the technical specifications of our machine in detail and provided other necessary documents such as export contract, certification of the machine during the transaction to ensure that all terms and security were up to international standards. During this process, our technical team provided online remote technical support, commissioning and on-site training.
      Finally, our Infrared CNC Bridge Saw Machine was successfully shipped to India in time after going through all the workflow. The customer informed us promptly upon receipt of the machine and installed it and started using the tools that improve the productivity and accuracy of the company. Our company is pleased to provide the solution and to be the supplier of cutting equipment to this customer.

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