The Complete Solution of Cobblestone Cutting Processing

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  •  Introduction

Cobblestone is a natural stone, named for its shape resembling a horseshoe. The regular size is 100mm×100mm and the thickness is 20-50m, so it is also commonly known as rolling stone. It is mainly made of granite, with the characteristics of hardness, wear resistance and non-slip. There are many varieties and textures. Through different surface treatments and polishing of the stone, various patterns can be obtained. A single piece looks uneven, but after paving, it is rough and natural with uniform color.


  • Classify

Cobblestone can be divided into many types according to its material, color and texture. The common ones are as follows:

Limestone cobblestone: The material is soft, easy to carve, and the price is relatively low. Its colors are diverse, mainly gray, light yellow, light red, etc., and the texture is more obvious.

Basalt cobblestone: The material is harder, the wear resistance is better, and the price is relatively high. Its colors are mainly black, gray, dark red, etc., and the texture is relatively rough

Marble cobblestone: The material is delicate, the colors are mainly white, light green, light yellow, etc., and the texture is relatively uniform. Its price is higher, but the decorative effect is better

Granite cobblestone: The material is hard, durable, flat and non-slip, there are many types, and the colors are different, which can meet various needs

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  • Application

Cobblestone is a natural stone with good compression resistance, which makes it a preferred building material. For example, granite pavement and other similar strong materials have super hardness and durability and can be used for decades or hundreds of years. Cobblestone is widely used in urban construction, square paving, park paths, stone stair steps, surfaces and other places where people move around a lot.

Sidewalks and courtyard paths: Cobblestone is strong and durable and can withstand a large amount of foot traffic. Its non-slip surface makes it an ideal choice for paving in humid climates.

Squares: Cobblestone is often used for ground paving in squares, which can play a role in non-slip, wear-resistant and beautiful.

Fireplaces: Cobblestone is strong and heat-resistant, making it a popular choice for fireplaces and fireplace surrounds. They can add a warm and comfortable feeling to the room


  • Cobblestone Processing

The three solutions of processing cobblestone:

Finished cobblestone size : 10*10*10cm

Solution 1:2 Natural Surfaces + 4 Machine-Cut Surfaces


Using the block cutting machine to cut the stone block into 10cm thickness stone slabs


Using the stone slicing machine cut the thickness slabs into 10cm width


using a stone splitting machine to split the stone into 10*10*10 cobblestone


Solution 2: 6 Machine-Cut Surfaces

Step 1: 
Using the block cutting machine cut the stone block into 10cm thick stone slabs
Using the multi-blade bridge cutter cut the stone block into length:10cm;width:10cm stone slabs


Solution 3:6 Natural Surfaces(cylindrical grinding)

Step 1: using a stone splitting machine split the stone into 10*10*10 cobblestone
Step2: Use the stone tumbling machine to tumble the cobblestone


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