Dafon Automatic Stone Processing Equipment at the Xiamen Stone Fair

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The morning of March 16, the 24th China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center grand opening. The scale of this exhibition hit a record high, with a huge exhibition area of 191,000 square meters, attracting about 2,000 domestic and foreign brand exhibitors. The exhibition focuses on the whole industry chain of stone, providing one-stop solutions from the source mine to the terminal services, from machinery and equipment to auxiliary materials maintenance.

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As a domestic outstanding stone intelligent manufacturing solution provider, Dafon machinery with stone processing intelligent solutions and a variety of innovative products brilliant appearance. Dafon machinery to "smart future, empowering stone" as the theme, showing its leading technology and innovative achievements in the field of stone processing, for the stone industry intelligent manufacturing upgrade to provide strong support.

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In front of the Dafon Machinery booth, there were a lot of people. People from the stone industry from all over the world showed great interest in the products and technologies displayed by Dafon Machinery. They carried out in-depth exchanges with the technicians of Dafon Machinery, discussing the future development trend of intelligent manufacturing for stone processing.

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Dafon to provide customers with intelligent solutions for stone processing, with advanced technology and reliable performance, won the attention of a wide range of businessmen at home and abroad. Hundreds of customers came to the Dafon booth and Dafon partners to introduce the performance of intelligent machinery, use, and cutting objects, customers are very satisfied and expressed the intention to cooperate.

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Dafon Machinery With its leading strength in the field of stone processing, Dafon Machinery will continue to plow into the stone industry, Dafon Machinery will continue to increase investment in technology and research and development to provide customers with smarter and more efficient solutions.

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