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From March 16th to 19th, a stone event that attracts global attention is about to kick off at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. 2,000+ exhibiting brands from 40 countries and regions gathered together to explore new trends in the development of the stone industry and create a bright future for the stone industry.

 xiamen stone fair

With the theme of "face to face chat", this exhibition will focus on hot topics in the industry, build a communication platform, promote efficient connection between the upstream and downstream of the entire stone industry chain, and promote high-quality development of the stone industry. The 191,000-square-meter exhibition venue will display a large number of new products, classic products and full-service services, presenting the latest technology and development trends in the stone industry.

 stone cutting equipment

dafon enterprises will join hands with highly automated stone processing equipment to appear at the exhibition, empowering stone processing enterprises with digital technology, and assisting the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the stone processing industry.

The following three products are dafon's main hot-selling stone processing equipment

1.Automatic kerb stone cutting machine line DFLSX1200-13S

Dafon automatic kerbstone production line is currently the most highly efficient kerbstone cutting and chamfering solution in the market. The entire line consists of a loading machine + slicing machine + edgecutting machine + transition frame chamfering machine, etc. Users can optionally install flaming machines and polishing machines according to production requirements, which can realize cutting, chamfering, round grinding, flaming, polishing, and any other processes in one run. The entire line is with a high degree of automation, small space occupation, simple operation, and high cutting standards. we can provide customized services according to the different needs and application scenarios of users.

 kerbstone cutting machine line (1).jpg

2.5 axis bridge cutter machine

It adopts advanced CNC and automation technology, which can realize an efficient, precise, and safe stone cutting process. It realizes cutting, milling, grinding, drilling, and imitation in one; five-axis linkage graphic touch screen operation photographing and layout, etc. It is mainly used for quartz stone, rock slab and other kinds of stone slab processing, stone wall decoration, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and other processing industries, which can satisfy the various processing needs of small and medium-sized stone processing factories.

 5 axis bridge cutter

3. Double-beam single head stone profiling machine

CNC Profiling Machine adopts a CNC control system and human-computer interactive operation interface. The body and beams are seamlessly welded by thickened high-strength steel and processed with high precision by a CNC machining center. it is strong, stable, and not easy to deform. ltis suitable for special-shaped marble and granite. Profile cutting, such as lines, Roman columns are arc slabs. etc.Line processing, one-time molding, no manual dry polishing, and higher processing efficiency than ordinary copying machines

Bridge Type Double Beam Profiling Machine.jpg

We are well aware that the stone processing industry is facing huge transformation challenges, and the traditional manual processing model is inefficient and costly. dafon has always been committed to providing efficient, intelligent and simple solutions to global stone processing companies. dafon will bring the latest generation of highly automated stone processing equipment to the exhibition. We sincerely invite you to visit booth B4011 to discuss the intelligent future of the stone processing industry!

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