Which Type of Bridge Saw Worth Buy It?

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Which Type of Bridge Saw Worth Buy It?

If you are engaged in the stone processing industry or the construction industry, or a one-stop service business in mining and sales, then purchasing a bridge saw is definitely something you have considered before or will consider in the future. Bridge saws are widely used in the stone processing industry and their popularity continues to grow. However, before deciding whether a bridge saw is worth the money, we should fully consider the pros and cons of the machine.

In the process of processing and cutting stone in the stone industry, bridge saw is a necessary option and a fixed equipment in the factory. Therefore, if you are looking for a machine that can cut accurately, have high cutting efficiency, and have high product standards, buying a bridge saw is an option that you can consider.

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There are many bridge saw cutting machines currently on the market. Is it worth buying? This article will answer this question for you. Here, we will discuss whether it is worth buying a bridge saw and what types of machines are included? And how to choose a suitable machine.

At present, bridge saw still occupies a mainstream position in domestic and foreign markets. It can cut large plates by operating a modified machine. Compared with traditional backward cutting methods, bridge saw has obvious advantages.

First of all, the bridge saw is made of strong steel material to ensure the accuracy of cutting stone. Secondly, the cutting speed of bridge saw is fast, which can shorten cutting time and improve work efficiency. Third, the bridge saw is easy to operate and requires no additional training to get started. Fourth, the bridge saw uses a powerful motor that can run at high speed to further improve cutting efficiency.

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What are the different types of CNC bridge saws?

CNC Bridge Saw on the market is classified into different styles according to different methods. Below we differentiate according to the number of axes:

3-axis CNC Bridge Saw Machine
The 3-axis CNC Bridge Saw Machine is the most common type on the market and has three degrees of freedom, X, Y and Z. This means that the saw blade can move in three directions:

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4 axis CNC Bridge Saw Machine
The 3-axis CNC Bridge Saw Machine adds an A-axis to the 3-axis to achieve 3D cutting. The A-axis can control the rotation of the saw blade, with a larger cutting range and flexibility, and can be used for cutting circles, arcs and other complex shapes. The price of 4-axis bridge sawing machine is slightly higher than that of 3-axis bridge sawing machine, and it is suitable for medium and large enterprises.

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5 axis CNC Bridge Saw Machine
The 5-axis bridge saw adds a B-axis to the 4-axis, allowing for more flexible 3D cutting. The B-axis controls the inclination of the saw blade and can be used to cut complex shapes with inclination angles.

What is the best bridge cutter for stone cutting?

Have you bought the right bridge saw for you? Purchasing a suitable bridge cutter is very important for stone processors. I believe you have some purchasing considerations, such as machine power, brand, function, price, etc. We will discuss in detail what factors you need to consider when purchasing a machine.
1. What type of stone do you need to process, marble or granite or tile?
2. What is the thickness of the processed stone? The saw blade size and maximum cutting depth of different models of machines are inconsistent.
3. What is the expected daily cutting efficiency and cutting output of the machine? The machine's motor power, workbench size, and saw blade size are all factors that affect stone cutting efficiency.
4. Does the shape of the stone processing require simple cutting to size, or does it require special-shaped cutting, round, oval or square?
5. What is your budget? The prices of machines with different functions are inconsistent. The price of a bridge saw with a single function is cheaper, and the price of a machine with full functions is relatively high.

The above are several basic indicators that you need to consider when purchasing a bridge saw.

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