how to process bush hammered Finish

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Stone surface treatment background

According to different application scenarios and purposes, stone requires different effects on the surface of the stone, which involves the surface treatment process of the stone. For example, bright surface, burnt surface, lychee surface, etc. Different processing surfaces may be suitable for different places, or different processing surfaces may cooperate with each other to enhance the effect of the building.

 bush hammered

The processing ofbush-hammered

1. Polished surface (polished): 2. Honed surface (honed): 3. Fired surface (singed surface, flamed): 4. Bush-hammered surface: 5. Longan surface (chiseled) : 6, pineapple surface (rough-picked): 7, antique surface (flamed+brush): 8, mushroom surface (mushroom): 9, natural surface (natural cleft): 10, others: there are many other stone surface processing Various types, such as machine-cut surface, grooved surface, blind surface, sandblasted surface, etc.

The introduction ofbush-hammered finish

The most common and mainstream one we have is lychee noodles. Lychee noodles are made by hitting the stone surface with a hammer shaped like lychee skin, thus forming a rough surface shaped like lychee skin on the stone surface. There is a kind of texture that imitates the water droplets dripping on the stone over the years. the effect caused. It is often seen on the surface of sculptures or square stones. It is divided into two types: manual processing and machine processing. Generally speaking, manual processing is more detailed than machine processing, but it is labor-consuming and time-consuming.There are two types of machine-made noodles (machine) and hand-made noodles. Generally speaking, hand-made noodles are finer than machine-made noodles, but they are more labor-intensive and time-consuming.

bush hammered finish

Processing method ofbush-hammered finish:

1. Purely manual: The bush-hammered finish is processed manually. This method is simple. We use a hammer to weld the protruding teeth of the alloy. There are alloy heads with 6 teeth, 9 teeth, and 16 teeth. Stone processing Use a hammer to hammer out the bush-hammered bit by bit. This processing method is slow and the output is not large. However, the surface of the hand-beaten lychee-faced stone is not messy and the effect is really good.

bush-hammered finish

2. Semi-automatic

Hand-held pneumatic bush-hammered hammer, in this kind of processing, the worker holds the air pump to drive the tool with the alloy head to move it up and down, knocking off the machine-cut surface of the stone, which is easy to make the surface messy repeatedly, so the processing speed is fast and the output is large, compared with pure Manual work is more efficient, but the effect is not as good as pure manual work

bush hammer machine

3. Fully automatic

Using dafon automatic bush hammer machine, this equipment has high efficiency, simple operation, uniform processing effect and labor saving. It is an ideal equipment for surface treatment. The equipment automatically adjusts to achieve the same punching depth. Low cost, high plate utilization rate, large and small plates, uneven plates.

bush hammer machine

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