CNC 4 Axis Bridge Saw Machine Sale In the XIAMEN Stone Fair

Recently, at the Stone Exhibition Machinery Exhibition held at Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, a refreshing transaction boom set off the climax of the exhibition. Buyers and sellers from home and abroad gathered here and recorded the most memorable moments in the stone industry in 2023 with each contract.

In the morning, Dafeng Machinery occupied a corner of the exhibition hall. The five machines, the keystone cutting machine, the CNC Asix bridge saw stone edge chamfering machine, and the stone profiling machine was placed neatly. rejuvenated and revived. And behind this vitality, it is the unremitting efforts of exhibitors and the trust and support of buyers.

Dafeng's booth was liked by exhibitors at home and abroad, and the flow of people was huge. At this moment, a resounding "deal!" resounded through the entire booth. Walking towards the source of the sound, I found that a salesperson was negotiating with a Brazilian importer. The two looked excited. According to the description of the Vietnamese customer, he came to the exhibition with purchasing intentions. The first Browsing the exhibitors with this machine every day, after a day of understanding, evaluation, and screening, there are only three exhibitors left, our company is one of the three, today is the second time to visit our booth to inspect 4 axis bridge saw machine, we The sales staff patiently gave him a detailed introduction. We are a veritable manufacturer of machinery, a manufacturer integrating design, production, sales, and service. Exhibitors choose us

This small transaction at the exhibition site is undoubtedly a powerful encouragement and promotion for the entire machinery industry. This transaction fully demonstrated the strength and competitiveness of the domestic machinery industry and injected new vitality and confidence into the market. In addition, the professional and patient service of exhibitors to buyers has been further proved, and customers' trust in their products will be higher and higher.

The exhibition is still going on, we are waiting for you at B4010
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