Customize Kerbstone Cutting Machine Line in Kazakhstan

This customer is a kerbstone processing factory, which needs to expand the production scale and improve the original production plan. They hope to find a reliable supplier who can provide one-stop procurement from cutting and processing to polishing, which can save from looking for various cutting and processing machines and comparing different suppliers, calculating production efficiency, machine assembly, debugging, maintenance, after-sales, and other issues.

Provide customized solutions:
Customers find us through the procurement and supply platform website. After we know the customer's basic situation and demand, we arrange professional technicians to conduct on-site inspections at the customer's factory area, and work with customers to deeply understand their production conditions and equipment requirements. According to the customer's needs and the actual situation on site, we have designed a set of efficient curb stone assembly line processing plans:

1. Cutting equipment: a curb stone slicing machine and an edge cutting machine, which can meet the cutting needs of various curb stones, and have high precision and strong durability.

2. Processing equipment: We provide advanced automatic stone chamfering machines, which can chamfer the edge of roadside stones according to customer needs.

3. Polishing machine: In order to achieve the smooth effect of the customer's curb stone surface, we provide an automatic polishing machine to polish the kerb stone surface to meet the customer's requirements

The production plan of the assembly line not only reduces the area occupied by the machine, saves the rent of the site, but also improves the efficiency of stone production and processing. At the same time, the automated production and processing equipment saves personnel salary costs, and high-quality stone processing equipment reduces maintenance costs.

Production and after-sales service
Our sales representatives show the customized drawing to the customer. After obtaining the customer's affirmative approval, from design, production, assembly, and inspection, at the same time, We also provide a series of related after-sales services, including equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, operation training, etc. Through our one-stop service, the actual processing efficiency of customers has been greatly improved. They no longer need to spend time and energy finding suppliers, comparing stone machines, calculating work efficiency, and after-sales installation and operation of machines and other issues, but focus on their own business and product quality, thus achieving better results. commercial benefits.

Dafeng Machinery is a professional stone-building material machinery comprehensive service enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, and service. We have rich experience in customized production services, can follow up on the requirements of customers, and combine with the actual situation of the production site, tailor-made a specific assembly line production plan for customers to provide maximum processing benefits.
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