kerb stone edge chamfering machine in Moldova

Country: Moldova


Type : kerb stone edge chamfering machine


Client's Background:

The infrastructure construction demand in Moldova continues to increase, particularly in the road construction sector where the need is especially urgent. The quality and appearance of kerb stones have become crucial. As a factory specialized in kerb stone processing, the client in Moldova is constantly seeking solutions to enhance work efficiency and product quality.

Client's Issue:

The main problem faced by the Moldovan client is the inefficiency and inconsistency of traditional kerbstone processing methods. Manual chamfering is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also lacks precision and consistency in the finished products. This not only affects the progress of construction but also increases the operational costs of the company. The client urgently needs a mechanical equipment that can improve processing efficiency, ensure product quality, and be easy to operate.


After understanding the fundamental issues faced by our client, we recommended to them an efficient kerb stone edge chamfering machine. This machine not only boasts high automation but also features intelligent flipping and conveying functions. With its sturdy and durable enlarged frame, the machine ensures excellent structural stability. Its high level of intelligence, precision in processing, and outstanding stability make it suitable for chamfering kerb stones and thick slabs, ensure the kerbstones are of high standard


Our solution successfully addressed the problems of low production efficiency and unstable product quality. Our kerb stone edge chamfering machine not only enhances chamfering efficiency but also boosts our client's competitiveness through its rounding function.

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