kerb stone cutter in Moldova

Country: Moldova

Type : kerb stone cutter processing Line

Client's Background:

The Moldovan customer is a company engaged in the production of building materials. It has a factory that processes specification stone slabs and has rich processing and production experience. With the rapid development of infrastructure construction in Moldova, the demand for kerbstone is increasing. The customer has taken a large number of kerbstone orders, but the existing production capacity is not enough to meet the demand. In order to solve the problem of insufficient production capacity, the customer decided to invest in the construction of a production line dedicated to processing kerb stones.

Client's Issue:

Since the customer mainly processed ordinary specification stone slabs before and lacked understanding of the kerb stone production process and equipment, he encountered the following problems when purchasing the kerb stone production line:

1.Lack of professional technical guidance: Customers need a supplier that can provide professional technical guidance and services to help them choose appropriate kerbstone processing equipment and formulate reasonable production kerbstone plans.

2.Need customized production plan: Customers hope to customize the production curbstone plan according to their actual needs, including machine configuration, production process, etc.

3.High requirements for equipment quality and after-sales service: Customers want to purchase high-quality equipment and receive complete after-sales service.


In order to meet the above needs of customers, DAFON factory provides customers with the following solutions:


1.Inviting customers to the factory for inspection: We sincerely invite customers to the factory to visit the production and assembly processing site of the curb stone machine, and take customers to watch the site where the curb stone machine processes curb stones to gain an in-depth understanding of the specific needs of customers.

2.Customized production plan: Based on the actual needs of customers, we develop customized production plans for customers, including machine configuration, production process, production plan design, etc.

3.Provide high-quality kerbstone processing equipment and complete after-sales services: We provide customers with high-quality kerb stone production line equipment and can provide customers with complete after-sales services, such as: installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, etc.



Through this case, we can see that we can gain the trust of our customers. The main thing is that providing customers with customized solutions and high-quality services is the key to winning their trust. DAFON factory will continue to work hard to provide customers with better services. The products are more in line with customer requirements and customized solutions and services help customers achieve greater benefits.

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