Stone Thin Veneer Saw in Portugal

Country: Portugal

Type: Thin Veneer Saw

Client's background

The Portuguese customer is an enterprise specializing in natural stone processing. It mainly produces and sells various natural stone products, including stone plates, stone decorative parts, stone handicrafts, etc.


Client's Issue:

As the business continues to develop, customers are faced with the following challenges: there is no specialized machinery for cutting natural stone, and using infrared stone cutting machines is inefficient, time-consuming and labor-intensive, making it difficult to meet the growing production demand; stone can easily cause damage to the stone. Waste, affecting product quality and cost



After comparing multiple suppliers, the customer finally chose thestone thin veneer saw provided by dafon company. This machine adopts advanced cutting technology, with fast cutting speed and high precision, which can effectively improve production efficiency. Astone thin veneer saw is a specialized tool designed to cut thin slate veneer. Sheet slate veneer is a thin layer of material made from natural stone that is commonly used for interior and exterior decoration. Thin slate veneer saws are usually equipped with two saw blades arranged vertically, which can easily cut straight lines and 90-degree angles of thin slate veneer. Not only are our machines simple to use, they also help transform large pieces of natural and engineered stone into high-quality thin stone veneer flats and corners suitable for any building project


After using thestone thin veneer saw, the customer was very satisfied with the performance of the equipment. The use of this machine solves many problems existing in traditional stone cutting methods, making it simple and efficient to cut thin stone veneers on flat surfaces and at 90-degree angles, significantly improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and ensuring production safety.

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