Bridge Saw for Granite in Indian

Basic information
Indian customers have their own granite mines and processing plants, mainly engaged in granite mining, processing, and sales. With the rapid growth of the business, existing stone processing equipment is aging and often breaks down, which affects production efficiency and product quality, resulting in high production costs and squeezed profit margins.

The existing bridge saw for granite has been used for many years, and the equipment is aging and often breaks down, requiring frequent maintenance, resulting in low production efficiency and increased costs.
The after-sales service efficiency of bridge saw suppliers are inefficient and maintenance costs are high, which affects the normal production and operation of the company.
Due to delayed production schedules and inability to deliver goods as scheduled, customer satisfaction declined and market competitiveness was weakened.


According to the customer's needs, we recommend a high-precision and high-efficiency Bridge Saw for Granite. This model has the following features:
It adopts a high-strength steel frame structure to ensure the stability of the equipment.
Equipped with high-precision guide rails and screw rods to ensure processing accuracy.

Using a high-power motor and high-speed spindle to ensure processing efficiency.

Why Indian customers choose dafon machinery

Bridge Saw for granite is a technologically mature and popular stone cutting equipment with many suppliers in China. Why do customers choose dafon machinery? The reasons are as follows:
Reliable product quality: Dafon company always insists on using high-quality materials to build products to ensure the stability and durability of equipment, reduce failure rates, and reduce maintenance costs.
Localized service: dafon machinery has a complete service system that can provide timely pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services to help customers solve problems quickly.
Good reputation: Dafon's Bridge Saw for Granite has a good reputation in the Indian market and has been unanimously recognized by many customers.
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