Automatic Loader Unloader for Kerbstone in New Zealand

This is an old customer from New Zealand. They customized the kerbstone cutting machine line from us before. From order placement to delivery to production, the customer was very satisfied with our machine and services. The machine is of high quality, high production efficiency, and affordable price. The customer also wanted to improve production efficiency. After studying the entire production line, he found that manual loading and unloading reduced the overall production efficiency, so he approached us again and hoped that we could customize a machine specifically for loading and unloading kerb stones.

By listening to the customer's needs, we quickly determined that the customer needed a special automatic loading and unloading machine for kerb stones, which can cooperate with the current automated production of assembly lines and other equipment, and the production efficiency can be significantly improved. Moreover, we listed detailed plans and quotations. Since we are old customers who have a deep understanding of us, we quickly signed the contract and paid the deposit.

According to the idea, the automatic kerbstone loader unloader machine was manufactured within the specified time and installed and debugged at the customer's site. The effect of the kerbstone loader machine is very obvious, the production efficiency has increased by more than 60%, and the automated process has become more stable and reliable. The client was very satisfied and recognized our professionalism and patience.

Customer feedback that we have given him enough professionalism and patience for the machine and industry can give him more professional and detailed solutions, truly understand the design and operation of the product, and make them feel our sincerity and responsibility.

This cooperation has allowed us to further improve our technology and experience and also allowed us to gain the trust and praise of our customers. It is not only a transaction, but also the beginning of a win-win relationship between both parties. We will continue to uphold a professional, efficient, and responsible attitude and do our best to provide customers with better products and services and achieve longer-term cooperation.
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