Granite Line Polishing Machine in Saudi

After looking for high-quality polishing machines, Saudi customers finally stumbled upon our company's website. After browsing the product page introduction of the Granite Line Polishing Machine on the website, the customer became interested in our product inquiry and then submitted the contact information on the website. we will contact the customer immediately

After getting in touch with the customer, we learned that the stone the customer wanted to polish was: 900*2000mm granite. The maximum width of our 12-head resin granite line polishing machine is 2100mm, which meets the customer's requirements. There are relatively many information about this machine, including pictures, videos, and customer feedback pictures. we sent the customer the relevant details and quotation for this machine and learned that the customer specializes in processing granite. At the nearest factory, I took on a big urgent project and needed to add a polishing machine, and the delivery time was tight. I hope we can deliver it within 15 days.

After fully understanding the customer's needs, we confirmed with the production department that we can deliver within the delivery time required by the customer. After receiving our quotation and asking about after-sales and other relevant details, the customer signed the contract. And paid the deposit. After we received the customer's order, we immediately prioritized production, updated the customer on the production process of the granite line polishing machine, and completed it in advance of the delivery date.

The customer was satisfied with our delivery speed, which was much earlier than his expected time. Our machine was exactly what he had hoped it would be - top quality and perfectly suited to his needs.

After the customer received the machine, it was tested immediately. He was very pleased with the level of polish achieved and was amazed by the efficiency of the machine. The machine performed beyond his expectations and he was ecstatic with the purchase!

Customers express their sincere gratitude for our excellent service and high-quality machines. He admitted that he has never been so satisfied with a product he purchased and will definitely buy from us again in the future. This clearly demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction and business success.

Today, customers continue to enjoy using our great machines and see their workflows become much more efficient. This success story reminds us that we are committed to providing world-class quality products and 100% customer satisfaction!
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Stone machine timely and efficient after-sales service
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