hydraulic stone splitting machine in india

Not long ago, we received an inquiry from an Indian customer, Mr. G. He was looking for a stone splitter that would help him increase the efficiency of his marble cutting business. After several discussions with our salesman, including: sending quotations, pictures, machine parameters and machine working videos, Mr. G also went to visit the working effect of our stone splitting machine in other local factories in India, and finally chose ours Hydraulic stone splitter, this splitter machine is our main promotion, we have prepared some goods as regular stock, after receiving the customer's payment, we will arrange to ship it to India immediately.


After delivery, Mr. G is very satisfied with the equipment he purchased. The hydraulic stone splitter is compact, durable and easy to use. He particularly likes the machine's ability to effortlessly split stone thanks to its powerful hydraulic system, which makes his marble cutting process faster and more efficient.


In order to ensure his purchase is worth the money, we provided Mr. G with a detailed operation manual as well as online production guidance, and trained him on how to operate and maintain the machine correctly. He was very pleased with our customer service and the guidance he provided throughout the process.


As Mr. G's business began to pick up, he realized that he needed to customize a line to keep up with his growing workload, tailored to his business. He contacted us without hesitation, hoping to customize a production line for him according to his current production scale. We gave the customer a design drawing, and adjusted some details according to the customer's requirements. After receiving the customer's deposit, we started to arrange production, and he recognized our company very much.


A few weeks after placing the order, we sent our new stone splitting machine line to India. This time, we provided the atlas for installation, because he already knew how to operate and maintain the machine. Mr. G is very satisfied with the stone splitter line he bought, because this assembly line has further improved his efficiency and output.


All in all, we are happy to help Mr. G achieve his business goals by offering him our best quality hydraulic stone splitter. We take pride in providing first-class products and quality service to all of our customers. Our goal is to help you grow your business and increase profitability, and we are ready to meet any of your needs. Contact us now, let us work together and develop together!

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Stone machine timely and efficient after-sales service
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