automatic granite polishing machine in russia

In Russia, stone processing and production has been an important industry, in this industry, customers often encounter some problems, stone polishing and processing efficiency is low, the processing process of manual operation is difficult, labour costs are high and so on. In order to solve these problems, some customers began to consider the purchase of mills to improve processing efficiency and reduce the difficulty of operation.
After comparing a number of mills, customers finally chose a 16-head automatic mill, which not only has excellent performance, but also able to process different types of stone. Before using the automatic mill, the customers' processing efficiency is very low, only a small amount of stone products can be processed and polished every day, and the processing process requires a lot of manual operation, and the degree of manual polishing is not high.
But since the use of the 16-head automatic mill, the customer's processing efficiency has been greatly improved, every day can process a large number of stone products, and the processing process of manual operation is much less difficult. The mill has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, high processing accuracy, so that the customers' processing quality and efficiency have been greatly improved.
Overall, the application of 16-head automatic mill is very significant, not only for customers to save a lot of time and labour costs, but also to ensure the reliability and stability of the processing quality. The role of this automatic mill in the stone processing industry is very important, not only to meet the needs of customers, but also help them to improve processing efficiency and cost savings, is a very practical equipment.

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