4 Axis Stone Cutting Bridge Saw In Morocco

Recently, we received a purchase order from a Moroccan customer, who was on a business trip in China and contacted our business through the website. He needed a 4-axis infrared stone cutting machine for his stone machinery manufacturing factory, in the email, the customer introduced their needs and requirements in detail and expressed his great interest in our products from the website.

We gladly accepted the customer's request and started the related work immediately. 
Firstly, we verified the customer's demand and determined the model, specification, function, and other requirements of the CNC bridge cutting machine they needed, our salesman sent the information about this machine.

Second, the customer asked us to be able to provide a CE certificate, he had inquired about other suppliers before, but they were unable to provide a CE certificate. Our salesman provided our CE certificate, which further facilitated the process of this single business, the customer was very satisfied with the CE certificate we provided, which also proved the reliability of our company's product quality and safety in line with European standards.

Third, the customer offered to come to our factory for a site visit, We arrange for a salesperson to receive it, and the next day the customer came to our factory, we have this machine in stock, and watched the test of the 4-AXIS bridge saw machine, we also provided the customer with a detailed technical program and guidance to ensure that they can operate and maintain this cutting machine well. Our expert technical team provided a series of training and instruction to our customers. Our customer quickly mastered the operation of the machine and was able to ensure its stability and efficiency.

The customer confirmed the order and signed the contract. They had their own freight forwarder to arrange the shipment of the machine, and we were only responsible for delivering the machine to Xiamen port according to their time requirements.

During the whole purchasing process, we always aim at customer satisfaction, always keep enthusiasm and patience, and let the customer deeply feel our professionalism and integrity. In the end, the customer was very satisfied with our products and services, and said they would continue to co-operate with us and recommend us to others.

This is a very successful procurement case, we believe in the concept of "quality first, service first". We hope that through this kind of cooperation, we can continue to improve our company's brand image and market competitiveness, and provide more customers with better products and services!

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Stone machine and diamond tools purchase

1. Stone machine and diamond tools purchase

Stone machine is closely related to tools and we sell machines as well as giving advice to customers on how to buy diamond tools.

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All purchased components and machine part are tested by our staff at QC department so that each and single part are of the exact quality and dimension as designed.
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3. Stone machine timely and efficient after-sales service

We are able to provide stone machine solutions to our customers in a timely and efficient manner.
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