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On 27th June, we attended a 3-day exhibition and got a lot of business cards from our customers. After the exhibition, our salesman contacted the customers and introduced our company and our products in detail,  One of the customers was interested in our kerbstone cutting machine line and wanted us to send him more information about the power of the machine, the technical parameters, the cutting efficiency, the increase in efficiency, the increase in production capacity, the cost savings compared to the previous block cutting machine, and some videos of the machine in action. Our salespersons calculated the information and sent it to the customer.

In the beginning, The customer did not give us any further feedback after receiving the information. Two weeks later, the customer tell us they wanted to visit our factory and arrived at our factory three days later, they visited our production workshop, and assembly workshop, watched the machine test run, and asked to see the actual production of the machine, we took the customer to our neighboring stone processing plant (this plant is using our We took the customer to our nearby stone processing plant (this plant is using our kerbstone cutting machine), after the actual visit to the plant, the customer showed the idea of purchasing our kerbstone cutter, but the customer requested to change the part of the machine, customize it, and design the layout of the machine according to the floor plan of their plant, and design a complete assembly line.

Our engineer designed the corresponding program according to the customer's requirements and the factory plan, our salesman made a detailed introduction for the customer, the customer raised questions on the spot, we also made answer, the customer was very satisfied with our machines, finally the customer asked us about the after-sales service of the machine and installation and other issues, our machines provide a one-year warranty period, and free of charge for the customer to guide the installation on line, as well as the production guide, the customer visited a variety of international suppliers. We also gave the customer on-site training on the installation and operation of the machine. 

Finally, the customer signed the contract and paid a 30% deposit, and finally told us that after they received the information about our machines for the first time, they also compared the information of other machine traders, and they carried out data comparison and inspection and that the machines we provided were detailed, and more professional for the machines, and were able to provide the machines for production testing, machine packing, shipment, and the machine-related engineering. These let the customer confirm that we are a manufacturer and not a pure trader, and finally chose our equipment because of our expertise in the field and consistent quality of service.

Throughout the process, we work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and provide personalized solutions to ensure that their requirements are met. The customer was very satisfied with our reliability, product quality, and excellent service.

Ultimately, the customer has increased productivity and reduced production costs. The equipment integrated seamlessly with their existing plant environment and they have reported a marked improvement in the quality of their finished kerbstone products. Our relationship with them remains strong and we will continue to support their ongoing needs and requirements.

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Stone machine and diamond tools purchase

1. Stone machine and diamond tools purchase

Stone machine is closely related to tools and we sell machines as well as giving advice to customers on how to buy diamond tools.

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All purchased components and machine part are tested by our staff at QC department so that each and single part are of the exact quality and dimension as designed.
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3. Stone machine timely and efficient after-sales service

We are able to provide stone machine solutions to our customers in a timely and efficient manner.
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