Bridge Cutting Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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Today, You can find all questions of Bridge Cutting Machine in this article, please read this guide


What Is a Bridge Cutting Machine?

The Bridge Cutting Machine, used for industrial masonry and stone cutting, gets its name from its shape. It consists of a beam, two posts or supports, crossing a bridge several feet across. The connecting bridge is the trajectory of the sawing head movement. This means that the size of the slabs that can be cut is limited by the width of the bridge.


What is a Bridge Cutting Machine used for?

Bridge Cutting Machines can do the basic straight-line cutting, arc cutting, anisotropic cutting, and other functions, In different types of bridge saw machines, the efficiency of the function is not the same.

 bridge cutting machine

How does a Bridge Cutting Machine work?

Bridge Cutting Machine sets the size and shape of the finished stone through the control panel, and cuts the stone to size and shape by driving the diamond blade saw.


What Are The Applications Of Bridge Cutting Machines?

Bridge Cutting Machines will come in handy in making different products in the stone process industry.

Here are the applications or industries where Bridge Cutting Machines will be useful.


Building decoration industry


You can use the bridge cutting machine to cut stone slabs of the appropriate size in the renovation of your house, e.g. for external walls, internal walls, floors and ceilings, stairs, etc.


Furniture manufacturing

Bridge cutting machine can be used to cut stone slabs,.

You need a bridge cutting machine to cut curved stone slabs when making stone countertops, stone door panels, stone furniture etc.


Crafts industry

You can use it for cutting stone products for making stone sculpture, stone carving, stone art and other crafts.


Other industries

The bridge cutting machine can also be used in other industries, such as stone products industry, stone processing industry, stone mining industry, etc.


bridge cutting machine

What Are The Advantages Of Bridge Cutting Machines?

Stable performance and high material yield

Worktable 90 degrees rotating buffer precise positioning, the worktable can be tilted over, convenient for large-size plate loading, line guide rail guide, stable performance, processing precision are very high


High cutting efficiency

The bridge cutting machine has low grinding resistance, high cutting efficiency, long tool life, and good surface quality.


Comprehensive cost is low

Quality-assured Bridge Cutting Machine, in production, use high-quality materials, structural stability is not easy to deform, and the machine's failure rate is small, reducing maintenance costs.


Wide range of application

Can be processed more than 10mm thickness of granite, marble, artificial marble microcrystalline stone concrete masonry boards, and other large-size plate cutting


Very easy to operate, but also safe and reliable

High degree of automation, through the microcomputer control, and the implementation of semi-automated cutting, according to the different hardness of the cut stone, you can self-adjust the slider feed speed, saw blade lifting the amount of knife eating, not only safety but also improve the cutting efficiency.


bridge cutting machine

Which Types Of Bridge Cutting Machines Are There?

There are numerous types of Bridge Cutting Machines that you can use depending on the application specifications.

All the Bridge Cutting Machines have different functions that make them suitable for different applications.

Here are the main types of Bridge Cutting Machines for your consideration.


Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine

You will use the Bridge Cutting Machine to cut the width and length of granite slabs

It is the best type of basic stone cutting machine and is widely used in the stone process


4-axis bridge cutting machine

As a bridge cutting machine with stability, a high degree of automation, and cutting accuracy, you can use the bridge saw machine to cut different shapes of stone.


5-axis bridge cutting machine

Adopting automatic touch man-machine interface, intuitive operation, simple and convenient, realizing complex processing of shaped surfaces, integrating cutting, milling, and drilling in one.

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